Kristen Alderson

Red-Hot Revelations Rock General Hospital! (PROMO)

Can Port Charles survive all of the bombshells exploding in town this week on General Hospital? Kiki’s (Kristen Alderson) paternity makes front page headlines, as Michael (Chad Duell) rushes to stop her wedding to his brother, Morgan (Bryan Craig).

AJ (Sean Kanan) loses it when Connie’s (Kelly Sullivan) news story pulls the rug out from under him at ELQ, which of course gives Sonny (Maurice Benard) the opportunity to whip out his gun.

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General Hospital Favorites Celebrate Fan Club Weekend With Luncheon (PHOTOS)

Long time General Hospital favorites Ian Buchanan and Finola Hughes joined their fellow Port Charles residents and Executive Producer Frank Valentini at the General Hospital Fan Club Luncheon on July 27. The stars mixed with fans, signed autographs and answered questions. Check out more photos from the 2013 General Hospital Fan Club Luncheon after the jump! READ MORE

Is Michael About to Plant His Family Tree Below Cousin Kiki's Bush on General Hospital? (VIDEO)

Any second now, the Good Lord is gonna destroy the city of Port Charles with plagues of locusts, Port Charles hotel fires, Lassa fever, broken ELQ condoms and bad pickle relish. Why, you ask, shall the Creator of the Soap Universe unleash his heavenly wrath? Because Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) is on top of his naked kinfolk today on General Hospital!

Across town, Shawn Butler (Sean Blakemore) is about to ask Sonny (Maurice Benard) if he can roll over his Corinthos Coffee 401K into an IRA, as he's quitting the mob game. Wait, so you can leave the mafia? Why didn't anyone ever tell Jason (Steve Burton)? Watch a sneak peek from the next episode of GH after the jump!


DC #725: Awkward Daytime Emmys and Tough, Soapy Love

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe, Regan Cellura and Melodie Aikels debate the ever-so-awkward 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards. They dish out some tough love to General Hospital, The Young and the Restless and One Life to Live, while applauding Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful and All My Children.

From screwing up journalist credentials to Aisha Tyler having to save the day, the production of the 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards was an awkward mess.  Kristen Alderson and Chandler Massey won the Younger Actress and Actor Awards. General Hospital’s Julie Marie Berman beat out Katherine Kelly Lang in the Supporting Actress category. Billy Miller and Scott Clifton tied in Supporting Actor. Heather Tom reigned supreme as the Lead Actress winner. Doug Davidson’s tears helped him win Lead Actor. Jamey dishes scoop from the Daytime Emmy red carpet, press room and after parties. Also, who would win in a cry off, Davidson, Jonathon Jackson or someone else? Days of Our Lives pulled off a major upset by winning Outstanding Drama.

Kelly Sullivan is out at General Hospital. Who knew spending two years on a soap made an actor a veteran?  Does anyone actually believe that Monica would let the man inadvertedly responsible for Michael’s rape live in the Quartermaine mansion? GH cannot push the fact that Franco is a serial killer under the rug, in its failed attempt to make him a corporate raider. If GH cannot fix Franco quickly, should the ABC soap let Roger Howarth go at the end of his contract? When fans asked for more Quartermaines they expected to see more Quartermaine favorites, not new characters in the Quartermaine mansion.

Lightning did not strike twice for Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco. General Hospital needs to get Silas and Sam out of each other’s orbit, ASAP. Would Silas being part of a hospital takeover storyline, where he faced off against Patrick, save the character? Who could have guessed that, of the three former One Life to Live stars, it would be Kristen Alderson’s Kiki that fit back into the canvas best?

Maura West’s Ava Jerome has been a revelation, but she needs to be quickly moved out of the Franco storyline. GH should play up the Jerome mob history. Should General Hospital bring Lucas Spencer, a Jerome by blood, back to Port Charles? Would he make a good love interest for Felix?

Did Prospect Park really need Roger Howarth, Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson on One Life to Live? All My Children has been fantastic without Susan Lucci, but One Life to Live got Howarth back and has wasted him. Does this prove once and for all the success of a soap is less about the star and more about the writing? OLTL needs to be fixed quickly.

The Young and the Restless even more problems than General Hospital. Mark your calendars, because Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens is FINALLY over Villy. Summer’s paternity storyline and Phyllis trying to keep her daughter from Kyle has exposed problems with Y&R’s storytelling. Was it a mistake to recast Kyle in the middle of a major storyline? Has Y&R hurt itself by recasting so many characters? 

Jamey has a solution for Y&R’s Dylan problem. Why has the soap been telling such a lame MS storyline for Melody Thomas Scott’s Nikki? Jillian suggests a possible MS storyline that could have been epic. Luke wonders why so many couples—Summer and Kyle, Abby and Detective Chavez, Dylan and Chelsea and Kevin and Chloe—lack chemistry. Mel wants to see Tyler and Lily have sex.

Y&R’s single saving grace has been the Michael/Lauren/Carmine/Fen storyline. The DC gang doesn’t want to see Carmine killed off. However, if Y&R does get rid of Carmine, should GH snap Marco Dapper up? Mel is not happy about Adam’s storyline or hopping into bed with yet another new character. Jamey reveals how he thinks Y&R should have told Adam and Chelsea’s storyline.


5 Quick Steps to Save The Character of Franco on General Hospital

I don't envy the creative team behind ABC Daytime's General Hospital. As arguably the most popular daytime soap of all time—if no longer the highest rated since circa 1988—everyone seems to always have an opinion about GH.

We want Monty-style big romance and action adventure! We want the socially-relevant tales of Claire Labine! We hate the mob! We miss the mob! We want Garin Wolf! Okay, no one ever said that last sentence, like ever...

The editorial/podcast staff here at Daytime Confidential is no exception. We all have opinions 'a plenty about GH that we're always just itching to share. Sometimes those opinions can even turn on a dime, like mine about soap superstar Roger Howarth as notorious supervillain Franco. READ MORE