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Suzanne Rogers, Kristian Alfonso and Molly Burnett Dish DAYS on Good Day LA

Three generations of Days of Our Lives history was represented on Good Day LA this past Monday to discuss the 45th anniversary and the recent two-year pick-up by NBC. Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Kristian Alfonso (Hope) and Molly Burnett (Melanie) were all on hand at the Kiriakis mansion set for the fun chat. Watch it after the jump! READ MORE

DAYS' Reckell on Bo Learning Fancy Butt's Gone Fool in The Head: "It's Like Being Run Over by a Jet Plane"

Fancast's Sara Bibel caught up with Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso at the recent Television Critics Association (TCA) party in Los Angeles for her Deep Soap blog. Check out what Reckell had to say about his alter ego, Bo learning Hope (Alfonso) went so bat shit crazy, hyped up on generic grade Ambien, that she almost killed him:

How does it impact Bo to learn that the love of his life is capable of this?

Reckell: It’s like being run over by a jet plane because it’s a lot of information that I didn’t have and didn’t know about. [Hope was] seeing the anger that she hasn’t even realized yet through the videotape. I was faced with the emotions that came from our split up. The sorrow’s been huge. READ MORE

Hope’s Hijinks Continue on DAYS

What’s a woman to do when her man leaves her? In Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) case on Days of our Lives, she turns into the Salem Striker by taking down her victims without a moment’s notice. Poor Ciara (Lauren Boles) is going to need so much therapy by time she’s a teenager. Watch this week’s Days of our Lives promo after the jump.


DAYS' Hope Leaves Her Mark on Salem's Men

Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) twisted terrorizing of Salem’s men continues, as no one suspects the attacker’s true identity. Watch this week’s Days of our Lives promo after the jump.


DAYS Scribe Dena Higley on Hope's Story Twist

Fancast's Sara Bibel spoke with Days of Our Lives' head writer Dena Higley on the show's recent and shocking reveal of heroine Hope Brady's (Kristian Alfonso) secret activities. Higley explains how she came up with the idea for Hope's double life.
As a viewer, I had one of those,”Wait, what the heck?” moments when Hope’s new storyline about her double life started last week.   What is going on with her?

All my favorite storylines come out of just waking up in the middle of the night and going, “I know what I want to do.”  It’s not doing research or trying to read books or watch movies. It’s just I woke up and I knew I wanted to tell that Hope storyline and it just fell into place.  I picked up the phone, called [Co-Executive Producer] Gary Tomlin, and said, “This is what I want to do.”  He’s like,”That’s the craziest idea you’ve ever had, and I love it.”  So it came out of the blue. It just hit me that we would have so much fun with Hope because it’s coming out of the kidnapping and the drama with Bo.  I think that’s all very relatable to women.  You have trouble with your husband and you get angry and what do you do with that anger?  What if all of your anger in your life took on a life of its own? What would that look like?  I wanted it to be kind of a fun “woo woo” story and at the same time I wanted it to be a relatable woman’s story.  I think we’re all going to be cheering because we all can relate, I think.  I’ve been angry at a few men in my time.

Do the pills that Hope is taking have anything to do with her double life?
Yes, absolutely.  That’s where we’re going.  Right before I went to bed I watched something on TV that was talking about that kind of medicinal thing. READ MORE

Judi Evans on Adrienne/Justin/Hope Triangle: "Three Nice People Trying to do The Right Thing"

TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan caught up with Days of our Lives' Judi Evans and discussed her return to Salem as Adrienne Kiriakis.

It’s so terrific to have you back on Days. Plus, we find Adrienne in a rather fresh kind of romantic triangle with Justin [Wally Kurth] and Hope [Kristian Alfonso]. There’s no villain here, no one to hate or resent. It’s radically adult.

It makes a great dynamic and I’m hoping they’ll keep it playing. Adrienne and Hope are friends and they’re both good girls and Justin’s a good guy. No one is being manipulative. Hope didn’t have the same feelings for Justin that he had for her, so she brought Adrienne back to Salem, thinking he was just substituting her for Adrienne. She tried to do a good thing by reuniting them. Usually in a triangle the ex shows up out of nowhere—or comes back from the dead!—but here it’s just three nice people trying to do the right thing.