Kyle Lowder

The Devil is SO Busy

The Bold and the Beautiful's Kyle Lowder, aka ham to Ron Moss's cheese, recently gave an interview to the Canyon News. While I generally enjoy this publication and it's soaptastic coverage, openings like this one has me wondering a.) If the interviewer and I are watching two totally different television serials. Maybe out in SoCal episodes of B&B are still really good, and Lowder can, you know, act. Meanwhile they are repackaging really bad, like awful blooper reels of his scenery chewing histrionics for us hay seeds here in the South? or b.) Maybe I am just too out of touch to understand the sheer awesomeness that apparently is Lowder's performance as Rick? READ MORE

B&B's Kyle Lowder Chats On Location

The Bold and the Beautiful star Kyle Lowder (Rick) talks skating and hockey while on location at the Santa Monica Pier. Check Jacqueline MacInnes Woods (Steffy) at the 0:37 mark, did she just serve Lowder? READ MORE

Last Week's B&B: Baby, You Can Call Me Bill

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) blurted out that Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge (Ronn Moss) weren’t married – that was the “cliff-hanger” kicking off last week’s The Bold and the Beautiful. And guess what? She failed to reveal that the marriage was invalid. There’s a shocker, huh? Instead, Stephanie interrupted things and Ridge and Brooke remained clueless. Stephanie and Taylor then hung out and cackled like witches over their machinations to destroy Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. Their plan? To wait until the cracks begin to show and then make the announcement. Cunning. Ridge is such a self-important fool he’ll probably go for whichever woman is stroking his ego the most at the time. Score one for the corpse bride. READ MORE

Who Is Your Soap Opera Guilty Pleasure?

In the latest Nelson Ratings TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco lists Vail Bloom, Judith Chapman and Kyle Lowder as his "Top 3 Guilty Pleasures."

Who are your Top 3 Guilty Pleasures?

B&B Bloopers: Bumper Edition

A bumper edition of bloopers from The Bold and the Beautiful. Way more entertaining than Rick and Steffy.   

Last Week's B&B: The Stephmonster Strikes Back

As much as it pains me to type it – last week I was reminded why I used to want to slap Taylor upside the head. She and Ridge put Brooke on the spot about Rick, Taylor spouting, “your son is sick, Brooke. Wake up! He is psychologically damaged.” While this may be true, how can she be so sanctimonious? Taylor’s own son, Thomas, is undergoing psychiatric help for his demented arson and car bombing attacks. I mean, really, take a look in the mirror, girlfriend. Taylor’s own son is nuttier than a fruitcake, and if it hadn’t been for Rick’s invention last year she’d still be drowning her sorrows in LA’s finest door-to-door delivery vodka.

During Taylor’s lunch date with “world-renowned” quack James Warwick, ex-husband Ridge and fire-starter Thomas, it looked like someone might take some responsibility for their own actions. Alas, it wasn’t to be:

Taylor: "Sweetheart, you were defending my honor. I was the one who was all caught up in these feelings, and I -"
Thomas: "- you know, let's not blame ourselves. Let's blame Rick."

Yeah, great idea Thomas. Let’s blame Rick. In amongst the insanity that was Taylor/Ridge vs. Rick, Brooke at least came back with a zinger when Taylor accused Rick of having an Oedipus Complex:

Brooke: "When did you come up with this diagnosis? Before or after you slept with my son?" READ MORE