Lawrence Saint-Victor

Don't Con a Con Man on GL

Who is the con man on Guiding Light, Remy or Cyrus? Is it who you think?

Caption This: Boxers and Briefs (Images)

Has anyone checked to find out if our Melodie needed resuscitation after today's episode of Guiding Light? Take your best Caption This shot at these images of Cyrus (Murray Bartlett) and Remy (Lawrence Saint-Victor)  on today's Guiding Light. READ MORE

Wishful Casting: Lawrence Saint-Victor as General Hospital's Tommy Hardy

Hey brass at General Hospital, wanna a.) give the fans what they want in terms of more storylines featuring the hospital and b.) actually tell a storyline featuring people of color on your canvas as opposed to simply having them provide psychiatric counseling, prenatal advice and sassy commentary at the nurses' station? How about bringing back the character of Tom "Tommy" Hardy Jr. in the form of Guiding Light star and recent Ugly Betty guest Lawrence Saint-Victor?

As the son of Dr. Tom Hardy (last played by DAYS superstar Matt Ashford) and Tom's African-American ex-wife Dr. Simone Ravelle (last played by Felicia Bell), Tommy Hardy is a legacy character in the true definition of the word— the grandson of GH's first supercouple Dr. Steve (the late John Beradino) and Nurse Audrey (Rachel Ames), which makes Tommy a descendant of Port Charles' first family and a cousin to Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst).   READ MORE

Murders Most Foul

Hot on the heels of my admittedly scathing review of Friday's ultra-campy, Scooby Doo meets The Munsters inspired episode of All My Children which culminated in the murder of Stuart (Not Adam) Chandler, I finally had the opportunity to catch up with Guiding Light, which had its own less heralded "Who Killed Edmund Winslow?" whodunit kick off.

Since I received a little bit of blow back for my harsh (and well-deserved) criticism of AMC, I'd like to take the opportunity to explain why Springfield's simultaneous murder mystery is infinitely superior to Pine Valley's. READ MORE

DC EXCLUSIVE:Lawrence Saint-Victor Talks Ugly Betty and Guiding Light's Remy and Christina!

Anyone who thinks Guiding Light hunk Lawrence Saint-Victor is just another pretty face should think again. As Remy Boudreau, the loveable lug, who has been there for practically every distressed Springfield damsel from the late Tammy (Stephanie Gatschet) to Ava (Michelle Ray Smith), Remy has always been the dashing knight, who never quite got to ride of into the sunset with the girl of his dreams. That could all be about to change, now that things are heating up between Remy and Christina (Karla Mosley), the quirky, fellow med student who married him for student loans, if not convenience. Could it be love for this cute pairing?

Saint-Victor recently shared his thoughts about that very subject with Daytime Confidential. He also gave us a sneak peek of tonight's Ugly Betty (8 pm ET/7 pm C), which features him in a steamy role opposite Mode's vicious fashionista Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams). Will Willie be drooling over Saint-Victor's pecs like DC's Jillian, Nicki and Mel?

Daytime Confidential: Congrats on booking Ugly Betty, it's one of my favorite shows. Tell me about your role.