Lesley-Anne Down

Lemony Fresh Pam Joins Jackie M. on B&B

Pam (Alley Mills) wasn't unemployed for long on The Bold and Beautiful. Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) hired her at Jackie M and the first thing she wanted to do is bake some lemon bars. For some reason no one wanted her to. I wonder why?

Hawaii Five Owen Knight

I have a confession. I really enjoyed The Bold and the Beautiful's Hawaii storyline last week. It was cheesetastic and filled with humor, but unlike some of the Pam and Donna hijinks it actually seemed to work.

Are you enjoying the Hawaii storyline?

Last Week's B&B: Jowen Weds, Bridge Collapses, We Trudge Towards Tridge

Nick and Bridget honeymooned in Hawaii, but Jackie and Owen kept them awake with their red hot monkey love in the next room. Initially, both couples had no idea the other was there. Bridget and Owen were the first to realise what was going on, and subsequently tried to keep the oldsters from finding out. What followed were hilarious hi jinks B&B style (i.e. pretty lame comedy). The youngsters kept smooching their partners to stop the oldsters catching a glimpse of the other couple, or dragging their partners into their respective bedrooms. The rest of Nick and Bridget’s honeymoon revolved around him being a grouch about one thing or another.

Owen and Jackie were much more fun. Who doesn’t enjoy watching the Jackster get her cougar on? Lesley-Anne Down sparkles and Brandon Beemer has come alive opposite her. By the end of the week, Bridget fessed up to Nick, realising Owen and Jackie planned to marry. Nick threw another mantrum and raced to the beach to try and prevent the wedding. Tough luck... they’d already said their vows and were driving off as he arrived. So, he’ll probably spend all next week being a grumpy old curmudgeon again. READ MORE

Should Owen and Jackie Marry in Hawaii?

Should Owen (Brandon Beemer) and Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) marry in Hawaii?

B&B: The Wedding Reception

Bridget threw the bouquet and Jackie caught it as Nick looked on. Boy he must have loved that, especially as he watched Owen in a "moment" with his mother. Also, did anyone catch the look on Katie's face?

B&B: Yo Momma

Nick (Jack Wagner) confronts Owen (Brandon Beemer) on his relationship with Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) and warns him to stay away from the wedding.