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Wishful Casting Crossover Stunt: What if B&B's Ann Douglas Was Y&R's Jill's Bio Mom?

Now that The Bold and the Beautiful is beginning to once again resemble something deserving of being shown on television, you know, like Cops or Maury Povich, my creative juices are beginning to perk up about the show. This is in large part due to the hella-hot May/December romance jumping off between Lesley-Anne Downe (Jackie) and Brandon Beemer (Owen). Downe has always proven electric opposite a good boy toy, whether it be Eddie Cibrian (ex-Cole, Sunset Beach) or Sean Kanan (ex-Deacon, B&B), so putting the sexy cougar with a guy who could be Brad Pitt's dark-haired little brother was a no brainer. READ MORE

Is Sean Kanan "Bold" Again?

Is Sean Kanan heading back to the glitz and glamour *snickers* of the fashion industry on The Bold and the Beautiful? On Soap Opera Digest's Twitter page (gotta love that service), they are saying that the word is Kanan may be on his way back to la la land as bad boy Deacon Sharpe. Could Jackie (Lesley- Anne Down) finally have something to do besides become a bargain basement version of Stephanie (Susan Flannery) with her manipulation in Nick's (Jack Wagner) life? Stay tuned!

Update: Tune in to this week's CBS and Days of Our Lives episode on Wednesday for an update to this story.

The Mentalist: Ironic Advertising Or Subliminal Message?

CBS continues its string of ironic ads to promote the CBS primetime TV lineup in daytime. Yesterday The Bold and the Beautiful fans learned that Jackie Marone (Lesley-Anne Down) is a mentalist. Ironic advertising or subliminal message?

Caption This: Don't Mess With My Son

Jackie (Lesley Anne Down) ripped into Katie (Heather Tom) on today's The Bold and the Beautiful. Take your best Caption This shot at what you'd like to hear Jackie say to Katie.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!

Despite last week’s shocking revelation that Rick (Kyle Lowder) was the one sending Forrester designs to Jackie M, he won’t be taking up the presidency at the Marone fashion house anytime soon. Rick confessed to the design theft, and Eric declared, “you are no Ridge Forrester!” Well, thank goodness for that - Ridge is a jackass.  Eric (John McCook) then pushed everything off his desk in a huff and made a real mess – he was livid. However, he'll soon back down and try to wangle a way out of the agreement between Rick and Nick, all the while hiding the truth about Rick’s deception from the rest of his family. This leads to Nick and Eric making a deal.

A welcome end to Steffy and Rick’s borderline-incest romance looked to be on the cards, but Steffy is going to have a change of heart after speaking with Eric.

Brooke is shocked by Ridge’s accusation about the theft of Forrester designs. READ MORE