Lesley-Anne Down

Who Stole the Forrester Designs on B&B?

With Nick receiving anonymous emails detailing Forrester Creations' newest line, the search is on for the culprit. Which Forrester employee is backstabbing Eric?

Thorne was shown throwing his toys out of the pram because Eric continued to reward Ridge and Rick with the plum jobs, whilst he was stuck in shipping and receiving. Did he decide to stick it to daddy dearest, and didn't he pull a similar stunt before by stealing designs for Spectra?

Stephanie let rip on Eric's infatuation with the Logan women: “You’ve let those girls wiggle into this family, this company and into your pants." She was later seen fraternising with the enemy, i.e. Jackie Marone, over cocktails. Could the old battleaxe be the culprit?

Katie discovered her husband’s financial woes and she had easy access to FC's latest designs. We've already seen her integrity questioned when she got knocked up by her niece's fiance; but would she risk jail time to keep Nick afloat?

Then there's Owen, Donna, Rick, Felicia, even Brooke and Ridge. Who's the guilty party? Who is it in the rubber gloves?

10 Questions With Your Favorite "B&B" Star Contest

The Bold and the Beautiful has a new contest running on their blog where you, the fans, can ask your favorite "B&B" star a question.

There are a bunch of great stars who are participating in the contest. They include Texas Battle, Brandon Beemer, Leslie-Ann Down, Winsor Harmon, Leslie Kay, Robin Riker, Hunter Tylo, Jacqueline MacInnes Woods and John McCook.

If you submit a question that is used you will win a prize (see prizes below). For the full rules click on the contest rules link below.

Contest Rules

Prizes: Each eligible participant in the contest shall receive a one time only entry prize of a B&B wallpaper for use on their computer. Each winner shall receive one autographed headshot photo of the actor for whom they asked the question which was chosen as the winner. At the end of the Entry Period, there shall be a Grand Prize Drawing in which all of all the winner's names shall be entered and from which a Grand Prize winner shall be randomly selected. The Grand Prize winner shall receive the book "In Celebration of Twenty Years on Television" autographed by the cast. Prizes must be accepted as awarded, have no cash equivalent and are not transferable..

Bold and Beautiful: Update

Bridget is headed for a nervous breakdown. That’s how I see this whole Nick, Bridget and Katie scenario panning out. Anyone else feeling for Bridget right now, or is this just the way the ‘cookie crumbles?’ I’ve got to applaud Jackie for trying to get Nick to see the light, but no matter which woman Nick chooses, there will be utter turmoil. Standing out as show highlights this week was the revelation of Beth Logan’s sudden health crisis, Steffy and Marcus’ stairway flirt, Mika’s ‘Love Today’ getting airplay and Owen Knights’ arrival. I have come to a few dramatic conclusions though – Eric and Donna are officially Grose, Katie is slowly surpassing sister Brooke as the show’s ‘leading lady’ and Stephanie Forrester, where in God’s name is she? Could she be having an affair with Forrester newcomer Tim or is this the beginning of the end for our matriarch? READ MORE

Bold and Beautiful: Lesley-Ann Down Renews Contract

More great contract news. TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco is reporting that Bold and Beautiful's Lesley-Anne Down has renewed her contract

This comes at a time when Lesley-Anne's character Jackie Marone has seen her airtime greatly reduced from previous years. Since Joseph Mascolo's departure for Days of Our Lives we haven't seen that much of Jackie. Gone are the triangles with Eric and whatever other woman is fighting for his attention, be it Donna or Stephanie. What happened to her taking over Spectra and turning it into "M"?

Let's hope that with a new contract the Bold and Beautiful will put the actress and the character to good use and give her a juicy storyline.

We'd love to know, what is your favorite Lesley-Anne Down storyline, be it on Bold and Beautiful or another soap? I know that most of us regret some of the storylines from the Sunset Beach days (i.e. the turkey baster) but I really enjoyed her character Olivia Richards on the NBC show.