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Last Week's B&B: Romeo and Juliet Flop Again

As seems to be par for the course these days – lots of people were having conversations about Rick (Kyle Lowder) and Steffy’s (Jaqueline MacInnes Wood) relationship. The week began with Brooke telling Rick, “you don’t grieve for somebody by getting involved with their twin sister.” Considering he was recently engaged to the twins’ mother too, it’s just downright nasty. Plus, her “granddad” is Rick’s father. Yuck.

James Warwick continued his “intervention” by telling Steffy that Rick was using her. It was all a bit slapdash – he didn’t even bother to talk about it properly with her, he just parroted what Taylor and Stephanie had told him. Taylor even called him “one of the most respected psychiatrists in the world.” At least that gave me a laugh. READ MORE

Bold and Beautiful Casting News: Texas Battle Safe; Todd McKee Returns


Fans worrying that Texas Battle's lack of screentime on The Bold and the Beautiful could mean the actor has been tossed can breathe a sigh of soapy relief. In today's Suds Report TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco reveals the embattled Battle (Like that?) is safe. In other B&B casting news, Branco is also reporting that Todd McKee (the ONLY Ted Capwell on Santa Barbara) is reprising his role as Felicia Forrester's former beau Jake for a handful of episodes. Could this mean Felicia (Lesli Kay) is at long last about to get her plumbing looked at? It's been a while. Let's hope it didn't re-virginize (trademark pending) itself.  

WTF!? Rotten Rick is Helping the Marones on The Bold and the Beautiful?!

Color me all shades of confused. This week's Soap Opera Weekly reveals that it isn't Stephanie (Susan Flannery), or Thorne (Winsor Harmon) or Felicia (Lesli Kay) who has been secretly emailing Forrester Creations sketches to the competition, it's Rick (Kyle Lowder)!

I have to give it to Brad Bell and Co., I certainly didn't see this one coming. Why on earth would Rick, who Eric (John McCook) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) dote on and make excuses for ad nauseum feel slighted enough to sabotage the family fashion firm? Three words: His horny niece. READ MORE

Who Stole the Forrester Designs on B&B?

With Nick receiving anonymous emails detailing Forrester Creations' newest line, the search is on for the culprit. Which Forrester employee is backstabbing Eric?

Thorne was shown throwing his toys out of the pram because Eric continued to reward Ridge and Rick with the plum jobs, whilst he was stuck in shipping and receiving. Did he decide to stick it to daddy dearest, and didn't he pull a similar stunt before by stealing designs for Spectra?

Stephanie let rip on Eric's infatuation with the Logan women: “You’ve let those girls wiggle into this family, this company and into your pants." She was later seen fraternising with the enemy, i.e. Jackie Marone, over cocktails. Could the old battleaxe be the culprit?

Katie discovered her husband’s financial woes and she had easy access to FC's latest designs. We've already seen her integrity questioned when she got knocked up by her niece's fiance; but would she risk jail time to keep Nick afloat?

Then there's Owen, Donna, Rick, Felicia, even Brooke and Ridge. Who's the guilty party? Who is it in the rubber gloves?

Soap Stars Go On Tour!

Want to meet your favorite soap stars? Well now's your chance as the Soap Opera Mania on Tour could be coming your way soon!!

Stars from all your favorite soaps are starting a tour around the country next month and they could be right in your neck of the woods. They will be adding more locations as they go and as they do I will update you with those additions. But as for what they have so far here is the upcoming schedule of where, when, and who will be there....

Saturday 02/07/09 in Macon, GA at the Anderson Conference Center:

Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin - The Young and the Restless)
Austin Peck (Brad Snyder - As the World Turns)
Brandon Beemer (Owen Knight - The Bold and the Beautiful)
Murray Bartlett (Cyrus Foley - Guiding Light)
Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler - Guiding Light)
Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester - The Bold and the Beautiful)
Julie Pinson (Janet Snyder - As the World Turns)
Don Diamont (Brad READ MORE

Wishful Casting: AMC and Y&R's Keith Hamilton Cobb as Donna's Bold, Beautiful, Black Baby Daddy

With Owen (Brandon Beemer) mercifully being plucked from  Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Eric "Honey Bear" Forrester (John McCook)'s orbit, to possibly be paired with Bridget (Ashley Jones) on The Bold and the Beautiful, Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and her desperately-in-need of lives offspring Thorne (Winsor Harmon) and Felicia (Lesli Kay) are going to have to come up with another stud to try to drive a wedge between Eric and his blow-up doll come to life. Enter Donna's black baby daddy. READ MORE