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Rambin and Tarver Promote Themselves

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles star Leven Rambin and American Juniors star Katelyn Tarver are teaming up to promote, well, themselves. Check it out.

Leven Rambin Debuts on Terminator

Leven Rambin made her Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles debut tonight and I have to say, the addition of Rambin to the cast of a show I already enjoy only made it that much better. I can't wait to see how this season plays out and what role she may have in Terminator lore or if she ends up being a fembot.

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Leven Rambin Terminator Fembot?

As a sci-fi geek, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was one of my favorite new shows of the writers' strike shortened season. As a soap fan, I knew Leven Rambin wouldn't last long in daytime. So what could be better than having All My Children's  Rambin join the cast of The Sarah Connor Chronicles? Hopefully, not much.

Oh, and here is a hugely important, philisophically groundbreaking question. Do other sci-fi geek/soap fans even exist? Sometimes it seems as this TV hybrid of a viewer is as rare as the Loch Ness Monster.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles returns to FOX tonight with the premiere of season two and TV Guide has an interview with her at the FOX  All Star Party at the Pier party during which she is asked if she may be a fembot. Now isn't that intriguing.

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Leven Rambin Joins "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"

As if watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles wasn't already a great show to watch, now we have another reason to celebrate the shows renewal and upcoming second season.

According to OK Magazine Leven Rambin is joining the cast of TTSCC and "She'll play Reilly, a new friend of John's with a quick wit and a mysterious past."

What do you think of Rambin joining Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles?

Daytime Confidential #251: ABC Cougar Hunting

On today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Tina and Nicki discuss All My Children's Tad and Dixie's heavenly reunion, Julia's death, and the trend of ghosts in soaps.

We discuss Star's pregnancy on One Life to Live and Dorian taking over Buchanan Enterprises and David Vickers return. The crown jewels and this summer's adventure. Todd's court case and losing custody of his son.

Sonny is out of the mob on General Hospital and we're discussing whether or not it will last. Alexis vs. Carly's ability to get sole custody their children. Tina has a fantasy about Jason and Sonny and Luke has something nice to say about Sam.

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BREAKING NEWS: Leven Rambin OUT at "All My Children"

Soap Opera Weekly is reporting that Leven Rambin (Lily/Ava) has issued a statement confirming her exit from All My Children. The talented actress has made more of name for herself in the pages of the NYC society blogs of late, as her lookalike characters have rested on the backburner. Here's Rambin's statement to her fans:

"First of all, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your unwavering support of me and my characters over the past 4 years. As you know, I started All My Children when I was extremely young, so I essentially grew up there; memories of my teenage years will consist mostly of days (and nights) spent at All My Children. 

It has been such an amazing forum for me to grow as a person and an actress. I was so fortunate to be in such an environment for the past 4 years. But, alas, much like my peers who are graduating high school around this time, it's time to move on. Four long but amazing years of my life have been spent with All My Children, and I will always look back on my experience there fondly. 

I feel it is time for me as an actress to expand and have new opportunities, and I thankAll My Childrenfor respecting my decision. My last filming date was May19th. I am looking forward to that day with optimism but a sense of sadness as well. I have come to an understanding that soap fans are unlike any other; dedicated, passionate, and loving. I am honored to have you all rooting for me.

All my love,
Leven "