Leven Rambin

Levinlicious the CD?

Could we soon be hearing the song "Levinlicious" on our radios or ipods?

The New York Observer is reporting that All My Children's Levin Rambin has signed with Izzy Gold Records and is "doing something similar to what Fergie did, so we’ve got her singing and there are some rappers on the track. "

Imagine how ABC and All My Children must be salivating at the cross promotional possibilities. Next thing we know Ava is going to be the lead singer of Colby's friends band and singing gems like "Don't Funk With My Heart" or "He Humps".

I'm sure it just warms the cockles of the ABC execs' 18-34 year-old-obsessed hearts.

Levin Rambin is "Fierce" With "Project Runway" Winner Christian Siriano

I don't know what is going on but apparently today is Levin Rambin day. Here is All My Children's Levin Rambin with Project Runway winner Christian Siriano at a party. 

Is Levin Rambin A Good Choice For The New "Sweet Valley High" Books?

There's some strange things a' brewing in the SoCal town of Sweet Valley! Random House, publishers of Francine Pascal's insanely popular Sweet Valley High series of books for young adult girls and...okay...me, are re-releasing the books with (gasp!) All My Children's budding celebutante Levin Rambin serving as the cover model. 

For those of you not familiar with Sweet Valley High (Luke, Mike) it was the soapy saga of identical twin California dreams Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefied. The books were on every young adult book shelf from the mid-80s well up until the late 90's.

Conniving Jessica was an "it" girl at SVH who hung around with bitchy brunette heiress Lila Fowler and dated tons of guys, while sweet Elizabeth was the editor of the school newspaper and hung out with her nerdy galpal Enid and boyfriend Todd Wilkins. Okay as someone who read like every copy of these books, I am glad to see them resurrected for a new generation, but is self-promoting Levin the right choice for these-by today's standards-wholesome books?

Thanks to Qua for the tip!

Is Levin a good choice for Sweet Valley High books?

Leven Rambin Considers Adoption?

Is All My Children's Leven Rambin (Lily Montgomery) considering adopting a foreign child? Apparently she would if it was part of an episode for Ashton Kutcher's prank show, Pop Fiction, which makes up crazy stories and basically "punks" the media into covering the story as real news. 

Levin told New York Magazine "I really want to do that. I'd have to think of something really creative and mind-fucking. Maybe if I adopted a child, like a foreign child, and carried it around and took it to work and took it to a Teen Vogue party. That'd be pretty funny."

Admittedly Kutcher's Punk'd was a pretty funny show but do you think the premise of Pop Fiction is something you're interested in watching?


Lipstick Jungle's Brooke Shields to All My Children's Rambin: "I don't use self tanner!!"


Don't expect All My Children starlet and budding celebutante Levin Rambin (Lily) to be asked back to Brooke Shield's primetime sudser Lipstick Jungle anytime soon. 

Rambin recently ticked the former Suddenly Susan star off by saying Shield's alleged habit of over using self tanner caused delays on the set of Jungle during Levin's recent guest stint.
 "Brooke was self-tanning everyday to get ready for some sex scenes." Rambin recently told reporters at the Do Something Annual Gala in Manhattan. "They kept delaying her scenes because she was so orange!"  

Shields reps released a statement to MSNBC.com refuting Rambin's clams.

"This is totally not true," said Shields rep. "I don't think Brooke has ever used self-tanner, much less allowed herself to turn orange from it. Please."

 Well...color us orange!

Levin Rambin @ 16th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Party

Who looks the best? All My Children's Leven Rambin or Lydia Hearst?