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All My Children Spoilers: What is Caleb Hiding From Asher?

Here’s the Scoop!

I know I’ve been down on All My Children lately. Calling it a snooze-fest, even enlisting Jillian and her sound effects on a recent podcast to show just how bored I’ve been lately. So how about we dish on some scoop along with what I like about All My Kids and a little of what puts me to sleep mixed in.

Asher… While I agree there are plenty of characters in the history books to bring back, I do like Asher. If anything, he makes me want to like Caleb and he gives a decent reason for Caleb to be around. A good father – son battle is classic soap and classic soap goodness is what I am all about. How will Asher react when Colby tells him Caleb knows the truth? Caleb believes Asher was out to hurt him, well duh, aren’t you a smart one Caleb. JR uses his close ties with Asher as a way to get under Caleb’s skin. What will a long, lost father do when his son tells him his goal is to make dear old dad's life hell? Despite Asher telling Colby he knows JR was using him, he still calls his boss out. Will Colby tell Damon about locking lips with Asher? Caleb is not a proud papa when Asher takes his anger to the boob tube. READ MORE

Lindsay Hartley "Digs" Her All My Children Entry Storyline

All My Children
star Lindsay Hartley opened up to TV Guide's Michael Logan on what delivers her character Cara to Pine Valley.

TV Guide Magazine: What brings her to Pine Valley?

Hartley: She shows up to try to convince Jake to return to Doctors Without Borders and the problems start. I can't say what's really going on in her life but I think it's incredibly creative and well thought out. I really dig it! And Griffin [the new character played by Jordi Vilasuso] is heavily involved as well.

To find out about  Hartley departure from Days of Our Lives click here

Check Out Lindsay Hartley as Smallville's Mad Harriet

E! Online has the first image of All My Children star Lindsay Hartley from her upcoming appearance on The CW’s Smallville. Unfortunately, it looks as if her character Mad Harriet won’t share a scene with hubby Justin Hartley’s Green Arrow.

The only downside to her guest spot is that longtime fans of Justin and Lindsay won't get that onscreen Passions reunion they're hoping for (we know you're out there!), since she'll only interact with Tom Welling and Cassidy Freeman.

The episode airs November 12.

Photo Credit: Jack Rowan/The CW

Take That DAYS! Lindsay Hartley Heads to Smallville!


TV Guide
is reporting that All My Children's Lindsay Hartley has been cast on Smallville. Executive producer Kelly Souders tells the magazine:
Her character is a woman who takes matters into her own hands.

Soap Alums Lindsay Hartley And Jordi Vilasuso Head to AMC

ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting via Twitter former Days of Our Lives star Lindsay Hartley (Arianna) and ex-Guiding Light actor Jordi Vilasuso (Ex- Tony #1) have snagged a roles on All My Children. According to the magazine:

Lindsay Hartley (ex-DAYS) just signed on to #AMC as Cara Finn. Jordi Vilasuso (ex-GL) joins as Griffin. #AMC. Look for both of the newbies to be connected to/introduced via Jake & Amanda! #AMC

No word on their first airdate.

Huh? Lindsay Hartley Gets Pink Slip From DAYS!


According to Soap Opera Digest, Lindsay Hartley has been fired from Days of Our Lives. No word on if the show will recast the role. Viewers will see Hartley onscreen for a few months as the actress has taped scenes months in advance.

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