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Brandon Beemer's goodbye blog to Days and "Shelle"

Exiting Days of Our Lives heartthrob Brandon Beener (soon-to-be ex-Shawn) blogged about his and Martha Madison (soon-to-be ex-Belle)'s last day on the set on his official website and although I have to admit I have never been much of a fan of this incarnation of Shelle (couldn't get over Jason Cook and Kirsten Storms in the roles), I have to say I am sad to see them go, especially Beemer. He has really risen to the occasion during the aftermath of Grandpa Shawn (Frank Parker)'s traumatic death and Bo (Peter Reckell)'s medical crisis. Beemer's Shawn has been a steady rock for his mom Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Grandma Caroline (Peggy McKay) and has even made me able to stomach his bratty, self-centered half sister Chelsea (Rachel Melvin). Here's hoping another soap snatches him up pronto! Personally I think he would make a GREAT Thomas Forrester on Bold and the Beautiful. Just "putting it out there in the universe" as Lisa Rinna used to say on Soap Talk!

Here's Beemer's goodbye blog in its entireity: 
So... a lot of people have been asking me how it went down on our last day.. so here it is. Our last day was not a fun one. We had an afternoon call time so I had a lot of time to think before I went in. I wasn't really sure what to expect.
I got to work and I have to say that I found myself really appreciating more than ever the time I got to spend with everyone, walking the halls, sitting on set, sitting quietly in my dressing room, etc. It was very strange how aware of everything I was that day... knowing that this was my last day I will be doing this. I said my good byes to those that had to leave early and packed up everything in my dressing room before we started to tape our last scenes.
We had about five scenes to shoot at the end of the day... they went by really quickly and before I knew it we were on our last scene. It was hard...all the time that it took to shoot it seemed so great because it allowed us more time to stay on set and do what we love so much. Then it was done. Everyone gathered around as there was great applause and I stood there wishing I could run away from this moment and then come back to find that it never happened... but I figured that it probably wouldn't go down that way.
A cake and three presents were wheeled out on stage. Then they played a pre-recorded speech that Martha had done to thank everyone that she wanted to thank. She thanked was very sweet. Then it was my turn..I thought it would be a piece of cake but I have to tell you that it was not easy. I said what I had to say or shall I say what I COULD say. When emotions start to overcome you, it's almost impossible to speak. Ed Scott gave a very nice farewell speech to us.. that man has got to be the coolest man ever!! Then we said our goodbyes, took our pictures and that was the End of our run on Days of our Lives. (Sounds soooo dramatic huh?!! Lol)
I am so thankful for every memory that I have and all the amazing people I met because of that show. The last year and eight months have been the best of my life. I will cherish everything that I have experienced. And I thank you all that have been so supportive during my run on the show and through this crazy last 8 weeks. I will never forget what you have done.


Jay’s Guide to Recasting ATWT’s Lily While Smelling Like a Rose

Recasting a beloved soap character is never easy. Especially when much of the show’s current story and rich history revolves around the character in question. That being said, when a soap faces the dilemma of having to replace a wildly popular actress like Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder), the powers that be have to tread very carefully.
 Sure daytime is full of examples of successful recasts. Peter Bergman took over for the legendary Terry Lester on Y&R and made the role of Jack Abbott his own. Ditto Bergman’s co-star Jess Walton who made fans ask “Brenda who?” when she inherited the role of man-eater Jill Foster Abbott from Brenda Dickson. But for every Trevor St. John (who successfully replaced Roger Howarth as Todd on OLTL) there’s a Christina Chambers (the recent painful-to-behold incarnation of Susan Haskell’s signature role Marty Saybrooke also on OLTL). So if ATWT does decide to temp fate and recast Lily, here are a few prospective actresses I’d like them to give a look-see:

Lisa Rinna in the Heart Truth Red Dress Collection Fashion Show

Lisa Rinna was one of the many celebrities to walk the red catwalk for the Heart Truth campaign's Red Dress Collection fashion show. Other celebrities included Heidi Klum, Ashanti, Camryn Manheim, Sara Ramirez and First Lady Laura Bush.

Lisa Rinna and Daughters at Hanna Montana

Lisa Rinna and her daughters Delilah Belle, and Amelia Gray at the Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds Concert on Thursday.

"The Real" Controversy: What Is The Impact?

For those of you who have been living under a rock, new to the online soap experience or haven't visited Daytime before you may have not noticed it but All My Children is in the midst of a big controversy over the use of the term "The Real" when referring to the return of Rebecca Budig as Greenlee Smythe instead of using "The Original". Now there are rumors that All My Children is considering using the same type of campaign if they can get Alexa Havins back as Babe Carey Chandler.

This whole thing got me to thinking about where we as fans draw the line and what we would or would not accept from our favorite soaps or networks. 

However, before I continue I just want to say this is all hypothetically speaking and I am a big fan of all three of the actresses being used in my example. I could have just as easily used the four actresses who have portrayed Carly on General Hospital, the two actresses who portrayed Jessica on One Life to Live, or one of the actresses who portrayed Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light. If you aren't a Days of Our Lives fan then insert the name of a character who has been portrayed by more than one actor or actress on your favorite soap. I'm using Days of Our Lives' character Billie Reed portrayed by three actresses; Lisa Rinna, Krista Allen, and Julie Pinson.

Lisa Rinna is the original and arguably the most popular portrayer of the character. However, she hasn't actually been on the show in years and could be considered today more of a fond memory than an actual possibility to return.

Krista Allen
was the second actress to portray Billie Reed but is considered by many to have portrayed the worst version of Billie Reed. As one person I was discussing this topic with pointed out. Krista Allen is the Austin Peck of the Billies. She's really improved as an actress after leaving Days of Our Lives.

Julie Pinson
is the latest actress to portray Billie Reed and if I might add a bit of personal bias to this discussion I think she's done a bang up job in the role. However, her Billie has been saddled with two major problems. 1) She hasn't gotten any real good storylines to showcase her talents. 2) She went through a major rewrite in order for Chelsea to exist. (Billie lost a baby in the swamp that was a stillborn and was buried. How, the baby survived to become Chelsea is a bit dubious). Unfortunately, Julie Pinson was recently let go from Days of Our Lives.

Hypothetically Speaking:

Hypothetically speaking, how would Days of Our Lives fans feel if somehow Days of Our Lives pulled of the virtually impossible (you can thank DWTS for this) and somehow brought back Lisa Rinna as Billie Reed and then in all the promo for her return used "The REAL Billie Reed Returns to Days of Our Lives"? 

How does this trend impact daytime and its fans?

1. Is it ok for fans to use "the real" but not a network or show? If so is there a double standard?
2. Is it ok for networks or shows to use "the real" but in moderation?
3. If no actor(ess) is currently portraying the character is it ok for "the real" to be used?
4. If it is an original actress, is it better to use "original" instead of "the real"?
5. Is this a trend that we'll see more of future?
6. If so do you think that we as fans will become jaded to it and after a while won't care or pay attention?
7. Do stunts like this hurt the show that uses it or is "bad press" from those of us online still good press?
8. Will there be a ratings payoff? (we're about to find out about All My Children)
9. Is it easier for us to accept this type of thing for an extremely popular actor(ess) who has been gone for a long time like a Lisa Rinna vs. a popular actress like Budig who has been gone a shorter amount of time?
10. Is it right to use such a campaign when another actor(ess) is still in the role?

Online vs. "Regular" Viewers

My last question is this. Is "The Real" campaign being used by All My Children or that could hypothetically be used by any soap such as Days of Our Lives something that outrages us in the online chattering community but that has little or no impact on those who are just reading the magazine's off the stands or seeing the promos on their TV's? Does this issue even register on their radar and is it possible that we're taking this to seriously?

I'm not sure where we'll be as an industry or how much this campaign by All My Childen wil affect the promotional strategies of other soaps but one thing is forsure, it's highly unlikely this is the last time we'll face this issue.

What are your thoughts on this type of campaign?

Lisa Rinna and Family Out to Lunch

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin took their daughter's out to lunch today in Beverly Hills. Check out Celebrity Baby Blog for more photos.