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Rating The Young Uns: Why Soaps Could Use More Actors Like Blake Berris And Less Hair Models

Okay you knew it was coming. Now that the Idiots In Charge of The-Soap-Opera-Formerly-Known-as-Days-of-Our-Lives have let the phenomenal Blake Berris go, I decided to start out doing a Wishful Casting about where Berris should end up, but it turned into more of an analysis of which soaps are managing to set things up for their next generation the right way, and which ones are getting it wrong, dead wrong.

Much of the daytime industry is experiencing a serious drought in terms of talented, young stars who can actually, you know, act. Save for The Young and the Restless, One Life to Live and General Hospital, the under 30 set at most soaps is pretty much comprised of rejects from the Pamela Anderson School of Acting and Pantomime.  I'll start with the soaps in most need of help and work my way up. READ MORE

Marcy Rylan Stays On Guiding Light

The news for Guiding Light fans just keeps getting better this week. According to the newest edition of Soap Opera Digest, Marcy Rylan has re-signed with Guiding Light. The length of the contract is unknown at this time.

Rylan joined the show in 2006 as stylish, spoiled brat, bad-girl-with-a-good-heart Lizzie Spaulding. Since that time, Rylan has become one of the show's top stars. I can't wait to see what's in store for the Spaulding princess.

Which Daytime Stars Should be on the New Melrose Place?

When the news that The CW was developing a spinoff of Beverly Hills, 90210 was still in its infancy, we asked you which daytime stars you'd like to see on the new show. Alas, neither Van Hansis nor Kirsten Storms has made the jump to good old West Bev as of yet, but both Drew Tyler Bell and the bra-zilliant Michael Graziadei have booked air time on the teen soap. So in keeping with tradition, now that news has been broken that a possible Melrose Place update could soon turn up on our screens, which daytime stars would you like to see living it up at Amanda Woodward's motel-style, SoCal apartment complex?

Is Vanessa Marcil a Procter and Gamble Girl Now?

How's this for a soapy twist? Vanessa Marcil's upcoming Lifetime reality show Blush: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist was pitched by none other than Procter and Gamble's media arm MediaVest to promote P&G's Max Factor brand, according to Ad Age. The article goes on to talk about how aggressively P&G is moving into "branded content". Ummmm, haven't they had oh, say 70 years of success with that already with its soap operas? Remember them?

Now before we go all conspiracy theory with thoughts of this being an elaborate smokescreen  to get ABC Daytime's Most Anticipated Promotional Campaign—"The one star you thought would never be desperate enough to come back!"—in at As The World Turns as the next Chris Hughes (Hey, they've tried everyone else in the part.), it is fairly common place for P&G to sell their goods to various other networks and cable channels besides CBS. READ MORE

Five to Watch

New York Magazine has a new article called Five to Watch, Rinse and Repeat which features five, under 30, daytime stars to watch. Which five stars made the list you ask? The lucky five are Guiding Light's Marcy Rylan and Caitlin Van Zandt, As the World Turns' Van Hansis and One Life to Live's Kristin Alderson and John-Paul Lavoisier.

Thanks to MarkDutchViewer for the tip!

Which of these five do you tune in for every day to watch?

Guiding Light: There's Something about Lizzie

I'm not certain which former Guiding Light scribe created the character of Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding, but he or she should be credited for envisioning one of daytime's most star-making roles.

Former Lizzie, Hayden Panettiere (who also played OLTL's Sarah Roberts), is fast becoming one of Hollywood's favorite "It" girls with star turns in Heroes and a hot spokesmodel deal with Candies.

Queen of All Media Perez Hilton seems to love the little blonde spitfire almost as much as he loves Rihanna and Angelina, if you look at how much he covers her-in a positive light no less! Another actress to once carry Liziez's purse pup, Crystal Hunt, is also blazing a trail as  both star and producer of The Hicks.

I wonder how long it will be before we see the equally cutesexy (an awesome new phrase I stole from Likely Story!) Marcy Rylan-who is currently occupying Lizzie's Manolos and starred opposite Panettiere in Bring it On: All or Nothing-take Pop Culture by storm?