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Tonya Lee Williams: "Maria Wants To Get That Black Storyline Up and Pumping Again"

Well roll my neck and call me "Sassy!" The Young and the Restless' Tonya Lee Williams spoke with the blog TV Watercooler regarding her upcoming projects, and the subject of her soap stomping grounds came up. The actress was asked about the lack of diversity Y&R has these days. 
That’s great because fans have been worried. Your film festival celebrates diversity whereas Y&R isn’t so diverse anymore.
No. And you know, [head writer Maria Bell], addressed it with me. She said “I want to get that black storyline up and pumping again."

To hear what Williams says the late Bill Bell's archetype for Malcolm was and more click here. READ MORE


Y&R Wins WGA Best Daytime Serial

Congratulations goes out to the writing crew of The Young and the Restless for winning the Writers Guild of America award for best daytime serial. According to, both the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) and the the Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) held their award ceremony simultaneously on their respective coasts, where Y&R's writing crew took home the gold. The following writers from the sudser scored a big win:

Amanda L. Beall, Tom Casiello, Lisa Connor, Janice Ferri Esser, Eric Freiwald, Jay Gibson, Scott Hamner, Marla Kanelos, Beth Milstein, Natalie Minardi Slater, Melissa Salmons, Linda Schreiber, James Stanley, Sandra Weintraub, Teresa Zimmerman.

Maria Arena Bell , along with Hogan Sheffer, were not listed because they were ineligible because of going fi-core during the 2007-2008 WGA strike.

Paul Rauch on Darius McCrary "Audition Was One of The Greatest The Network Had Seen In 20 Years"

Lord in the morning.... On Air On Soaps' Michael Fairman interviewed The Young and the Restless executive producer/head writer Maria Arena Bell and co-show runner Paul Rauch where the duo opened up about when they feel they know an actor is the right fit for the part.  

MICHAEL:When the two of you are in auditions together, do you know immediately when the right actor walks in for the part you are casting?

MARIA: We have been really in sync, such as the character of Daisy. When Yvonne Zima came in to read for that role, it was like, “Wow, did she pop!” She made us go, “Oh, my gosh. She is fantastic!” You just feel it…. that everything we have talked about in regards to that character, and then that person walks in, you know it. It was also true of Darius.

PAUL: The Darius McCray audition was one of the greatest the network had seen in 20 years. READ MORE

MARIA: The quality of the actors that were up for the role was extraordinarily high. Everyone who came in for the final audition, and there were four in the finals, they were all fantastic. They were all very different from one another, and in the end, it was about this kind of special quality that Darius had. We just felt that “Star Quality”.

The Mustache Who Came Back: Braeden Talks Y&R Return

The face that launched thousands of Soap Opera Digest covers is back with a vengance! Eric Braeden discusses his alter ego's return to The Young and The Restless with TV Guide Magazine.

When you were written off the show, Victor was unfairly blamed for almost every crime and calamity in Genoa City. Is he back with a hit list?

Oh, yes, and he’s salivating for revenge. Nothing explosive. He’s angry and bitter but he’s going to play it very cool, very Machiavellian. It all unfolds in a very delicious manner and I’m enjoying it enormously. [Laughs] I like to get even.

Braeden also enlightend readers as to who intervened during his contract dispute, and what showrunners Maria Arena Bell and Paul Rauch were doing while the highly-publicized drama played out. READ MORE

WTF? Katherine Chancellor Dumpster Diving?

By now viewers of The Young and the Restless are well aware of the fact that grande dame Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) is fond of young Daniel Romalotti, Jr. (Michael Graziadei), due in part to his relationship with her good buddy Amber (Adrienne Frantz). Kay and Daniel have an even greater reason to be close. She was married to the ever-struggling artist’s late grandfather, Rex Sterling (Quinn Redeker), hell Kay even put the boy’s aunt and father in her will!  READ MORE

L.A. Soap-scialites: Soap Stars Hit Up Society Events

The Young and the Restless stars were very busy this past weekend. Some of them–including Billy Miller, Jeanne Cooper, Elizabeth Hendrickson and Eileen Davidson– pulled double duty, appearing at both the 30th Anniversary Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) New Gala and P.S. Arts "Express Yourself" 2009Lady Gaga performed her new song Speechless at the gala. See more photos of your favorite Y&R stars after the jump.