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Marie Osmond Reflects on Her Son's Suicide in The Key is Love

Pop culture icon and talk show host Marie Osmond reflects on one of the darkest periods of her life, dealing with her son Michael's suicide, in her new book The Key Is LovePeople quotes her heart wrenching memory.

About six months before Michael died, during a "Meet 'n Greet" after my Vegas show, a woman gave me a hug and said, "Oh, Marie. You've been through depression, divorce, kids in rehab . . . What haven't you been through?" I answered, "I haven't lost a child. That would be the worst thing."

On February 26, 2010 the "worst thing" happened. My sweet son left me, his family, and friends by jumping from the balcony of his eighth floor college apartment in Los Angeles. Even as I write this I want to cry out, "Please, don't let this be true." READ MORE

'Marie' to Celebrate 40th Anniversary of The Young and the Restless


To commemorate The Young and the Restless’ 40th anniversary, Jeanne Cooper, Peter Bergman, Melody Thomas Scott, Jess Walton, Joshua Morrow, Michelle Stafford, Doug Davidson and Lauralee Bell will all appear on Marie Osmond’s self-titled talk show on Monday, April 1. The cast will discuss past and present storylines, and how the show has affected their lives. READ MORE

Did ABC Daytime BLOCK a #GH50 Celebration on Hallmark Channel's 'Marie'?

While promoting an upcoming celebration of the 40th anniversary of The Young and the Restless on Hallmark Channel's Marie, producer Jim Romanovich dropped a tidbit on Twitter about trying to do a similar special episode in honor of General Hospital's 50th birthday. According to Romanovich, his efforts were nixed by ABC! Tweeted the executive:


Christian Le Blanc to Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez Next Week on Marie!

She's a little bit country, and he's a little bit of scene stealer on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless. Christian Le Blanc will make his way to Marie Osmond's couch on Oct. 16. This should be fun! 

Marie airs weekdays at 12 PM EST on Hallmark Channel.

Marie Osmond photo credit: Hallmark

Kelly Monaco to Marie Osmond: "Daytime is Generational TV Programming That Needs to Stay Around For a Really Long Time"

General Hospital sex kitten and Dancing With The Stars belle Kelly Monaco appeared on today's episode of my favorite new talk show, Hallmark's Marie. Port Charles, New York's Sam McCall was joined by her DWTS: All Stars partner Val Chmerkovskiy.

When the ever-bubbly Marie Osmond asked Monaco about General Hospital being one of the last daytime soaps, Monaco stated:

Daytime is generational, TV programming that needs to stay around for a really long time. READ MORE

Marie Osmond on 'Second Chances' and That Bold and Beautiful Stint That Never Happened

Who can remember a time when Marie Osmond wasn't a star? The bubbly performer has been on stage practically her entire life. She's also had to endure many triumphs and tragedies in the public eye. Today Osmond is back with a new Hallmark Channel talk show, Marie. Here's what she revealed to our pals at Zap2it about her second chance at talk show fame:

"I was going to do this about five years ago," Osmond tells Zap2it of the new series. "We had 97 percent of the market syndicated and ready to go, and then all financing fell through. And so this is kind of like a second chance, which is interesting, because those are the things that I want to talk about -- second chances. It's like when I did 'Dancing With the Stars' ... . I was going through a divorce and everything else, and I was out there to tell women, 'No -- your life doesn't stop at 45. Life is beautiful. Life has challenges.' That's the thing. You pick yourself back up and you go for it." READ MORE