Marie Wilson

Happy Birthday Marie Wilson!

Happy Birthday to Marie Wilson (Meg Snyder, As the World Turns)! The Canadian actress celebrates her 34th birthday today!

Welcome Back, Dusty!

It is absolutely wonderful to see Grayson McCouch back as Dusty Donovan! Oddly enough, he looks much younger than when he left World Turns. And maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me but with that mop top of curly hair Grayson looks like a slightly older version of his character Morgan Winthrop on the late Another World.

However as much as I've been enjoying the return of James Stenbeck, there is a problematic element with how Dusty's return has folded into the larger narrative. READ MORE

A Safe Harbor in Troubled Times

Emma Snyder

In a world where the stock market is crashing, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs decide they would be better off as banks, the price of a barrel of oil jumps $16 in one day, and a Federal bailout plan threatens to balloon between $700 billion and a trillion dollars or more, everyone needs a little Emma Snyder in their lives.

I thought today was a strong episode of As the World Turns. The Chris/Alison/Aaron triangle continued to make less and less sense given that we (the online "we") know that Dylan Bruce is leaving as Chris Hughes while the "Who's The Baby Daddy?" story line is apparently ramping up. Lily and Holden got closer after bringing Ethan home from the hospital. Derek made an outrageous request of Bonnie to be his lawyer, which she wisely refused (although we know Paul is going to rope her into it to help find Meg). Colleen Zenk Pinter was phenomenal with the little bit that Barbara was given to do. Dallas increased his line count to about eight while Ethan officially became The Cutest Kid on Daytime.

But the pure pleasure for today was Kathleen Widdoes as Emma. She certainly wasn't the star of today's show. She's not hip. She doesn't fit the desired 18-34 demographic. She's not a size 0 and she's not a hair model, but that's the point. READ MORE

As the World Turns: Please Meg...SHOOT!

Someone one please put me out of my misery! It was only a few short weeks ago that I was praising the high heavens for the writing on As the World Turns. Since that time I have been subjected to poison jewelry and Meg seeing the ghost of Sofie. It's a wonder that poor girl can find her way to Meg with that bright, white, garish light shining in her eyes. Alison, Chris, Emily, Casey and Meg have been irratic, irrational, and down right irritating!

I see some storyline progression in this pool of plot drivel, but can someone stop the madness and get back to the soap that had Margo gunning for Emily, Lily gunning for Carly and Susan gunning for Chris? Imagine my confusing feelings for a moment when, in the midst of this hot mess, I see Meg point a gun at Paul. Wow, talk about a freeze frame moment. I could go for this, Paul being shot dead...for real this time. Then again, James is coming back to torment him, so which would be better? A real dilemma for sure. READ MORE

As the World Turns: Dr. Decker Spices up Meg & Paul

Who would have thought that any story involving As the World Turns' Meg and Paul could be interesting? After months of back and forth, months of wavering and months of pure torture, they are finally married. Oh wait, more drama. Sofie's dead and the only good thing about it is that other characters like Barbara, Margo, Lisa, and Dr. Rick Decker are integrated with them. Funny thing what character isolation does!

When I first read that John James was coming back, I did not know what to expect. Of all the characters that I would pop back on my screen, the killer doc was not on the top of my list. I may be overstating a return, but it was brilliant. A man spending his life institutionalized for serial murder is now the go to guy for legal defense. Who would know the mind of a killer better than a killer?

The best part, of course, was the horror movie feel of the his appearance. He quickly connected himself to Barbara before moving on to Margo, Paul, Meg, Alison and Susan. Screams, shock and snappy dialogue kept the pace of Oakdale's latest death investigation chugging along. He's gone again, but one can hope that his spirit will linger and close another chapter in the endless drama that is Meg and Paul.