Marj Dusay

Larson Out, Dusay In at All My Children?

Is All My Children's Jill Larson making the move to L.A.? According to TV Guide Canada's Suds Report she won't be. Meanwhile, could Marj Dusay be returning to Pine Valley?

Alexandra Spaulding who? Insiders are buzzing that the show is in talks with Marj Dusay to return as Vanessa. Also, according to sources close to Rebecca Budig, the actress has not been asked to return to the show once the sudser makes the move out west. Finally, Suds is hearing Jill Larson will not be continuing her Emmy-nominated role as Opal. “No one on recurring is invited unless it’s a small cameo role,” says a mole. As for Larson, she has been heard saying she would agree to visit Pine Valley whenever they needed her in any capacity.

Requiem for a Daytime Drama, Part Three

The third in a highly personal, non-objective series highlighting various aspects of the last episodes of Guiding Light, which will end its 72 year run on September 18th.

The third from the last episode of Guiding Light was all about reactions and coming to grips with the demise of Alan Spaulding, mirroring the mixed emotions of the show's fans as the series takes its final bows.

As news of Alan Spaulding's (Ron Raines) death rippled through town, we were treated to one of the most honest portrayals of how people react in such circumstances as has ever been seen on daytime. Over the last 30 years, Alan had committed any number of heinous crimes against most of the citizens of Springfield and yet his passing left many stunned (Ashlee, Blake, Reva, Jonathan, Frank), some confused (grandson Rafe), and others shocked & saddened (Lillian, Buzz).

When all is said and done, today's episode was rocked by Grant Aleksander (Phillip), Zack Conroy (James), and Marj Dusay (Alexandra). READ MORE

Guiding Twilight

One of the hardest tasks in all of television must be bringing a daytime drama to a close. In other realms of entertainment, plays and musicals can be resurrected through countless revivals. Primetime TV shows can come and go, yet have the potential to be re-imagined or rebooted for the small or big screen. The biggest box office disasters can live on via countless direct-to-DVD sequels. Radio hosts and their dubiously talented sidekicks can be fired for the most hateful commentary, yet live on with the same formats other stations to be spiteful for another day.

With the exception of Dark Shadows, once a soap opera is canceled it is gone forever. During my time I've watched some of my favorites disappear: The City, Port Charles, Generations, Texas, and — in my opinion — two of the genre's titans, Santa Barbara and The Edge of Night. Many of you are still missing your own beloved shows over the last three decades as well. Fans of Capitol, Love of Life, Sunset Beach, Passions, Search for Tomorrow, and the still mourned Another World among others express their loss as if there yet remains a certain kind of grief that has not yet abated after all these years. Soon we will lose another giant among soaps: in less than ten short weeks, Guiding Light will shine for the last time on CBS. READ MORE

Wishful Casting Poll: If Robin Strasser Leaves, Who Should Play OLTL's Dorian Lord?

Okay, let me start off by saying I hope Robin Strasser will be on One Life to Live until the last plate of hash is served up at the Bon Jour Cafe. That being said, I have to do what I do. If I could write Wishful Castings for Jill Abbott and Nikki Newman, I gotta do one for Dorian Lord , but this time I'm gonna make it interactive, and ask you, our readers who you would like to see fill the role of Dorian— if anyone— should Strasser announce her exit today on her hotline?
For my money Anna Stuart (ex-Donna, Another World; ex-Vanessa, Guiding Light; ex-Mary, All My Children) would be the best fit. Stuart has mastered the art of playing the glammed out bee youch. If the show wants someone more in the vein of Strasser's larger-than-life style, there's also Louise Sorel (ex-Augusta, Santa Barbara), or Marj Dusay—suggested by one of my secret soap pals— who will soon finish her run as Aunt Alex on Guiding Light. If OLTL wants to grab a headline, Raquel Welch could be fun.  What do you think, if Strasser leaves, who should play Dorian Lord?  

Guiding Light's Marj Dusay Reflects

Guiding Light's Marj Dusay reminisces about Alexandra and her favorite scenes and storylines with Michael Zaslow at

CBS.COM: Do you have a favorite memory?
MARJ DUSAY: One of the most favorite things was with Michael Zaslow (ex-Roger). We had a scene together and I slapped him and during the rehearsal I said, ‘Why don't you just slap me back?’ It was a hit because how dare a man slap a woman, it never really happened so to have him do that it really brought [audiences] to a halt.

What are your favorite Alexandra and Roger storylines or scenes?

Otalia: The Art of the Matter

She'd been teased and mocked for years, no more so than in her competition with other, younger and, some would say, prettier hopefuls. Her appearance had been derided as "downmarket." She obviously couldn't afford fancy stylists and didn't have the finesse of her peers, but when she revealed the depths of her talents she left viewers and critics quaking in their boots.

I'm not talking about Susan Boyle, the YouTube and Britain's Got Talent overnight sensation. I'm talking about the magnificent week of high octane, balls to the wall drama that has been Guiding Light.

I'm glad I waited before posting anything about the extraordinary week that has transpired on GL as the Olivia/Natalia love story played out before my astonished eyes. Temptation tested me in the aftermath of Olivia's shattering graveyard soliloqy to her heart donor Gus and, later, her heartstopping confession of love to Natalia, in what is quite possibly destined to become remembered as one of the greatest performances in daytime of the last decade. My fingers fidgeted over my keyboard during one of the most gloriously tortured daytime weddings in recent memory. My mind raced with superlatives about Natalia's struggle at the altar and her tearful confession of love for Olivia mixed with guilt about Frank. While the week belonged to Otalia (which I will get to in a moment), the entire show was, to borrow a phrase, a towering inferno of greatness. Let us count the ways: READ MORE