Mark Lawson

Who Would You Lather?: Brody vs. Owen

In our last Who Would You Lather poll One Life to Live's Brody (Mark Lawson) won by a wide margin. Today The Bold and the Beautiful's Owen Knight (Brandon Beemer) is going to give him a run for his money. Can Beemer take on the popular OLTL star?

Who would you lather?

One Life to Live and Mark Lawson Win Big at 10th Annual Awards

One Life to Live
and Mark Lawson swept the 10th Annual Awards this year with a combined four wins. One Life to Live was named Hunkiest Soap and Lawson took home wins in Best Hunk, Hunkiest Newcomer and Best Chest. The Bold and the Beautiful's Brandon Beemer tied with Lawson with three wins of his own in the categories of Best Eyes, Best Abs and Best Pecs.

Other Award winners include Shawn Christian for Best Hunk Over 40, Eric Winter for Most Missed Soap Hunk, Greg Vaughan for Most Shamefully Clothed, Van Hansis for Best Butt, Steve Burton for Best Arms and James Scott for Best Voice. Check out how many votes your favorite soap hunks received after the jump. READ MORE

Hello Jody!

The other day while watching One Life to Live I couldn't help but notice the great chemistry between Bree Williamson's Jessica and Mark Lawson's Brody. There's just something about watching two really screwed up people bond over the bad things they've done that makes one sit up and take interest. I don't know about you but I'd love to see these two end up was a couple.

P.s. What would their squish name be Jody or Bress?

Would you like to see Brody and Jessica end up as a couple!

Game On!

Jennifer, Colin, & Lindsay
Every once in a while a soap produces a story arc that renews one's faith in the genre.

One Life to Live's "Who Wants to Be Shane Morasco's Father?" may have been a stunt but they were also episodes that managed to do right just about everything the 40th anniversary episodes got wrong.

In the bargain, they did everything the anniversary episodes did right just a few notches better. I know this kind of thing is not everyone's cup of tea, but I'll take this little detour the way Star Trek's Captain Picard likes his Earl Grey: Hot!

Borrowing the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? set, OLTL took what was rapidly becoming a hoary cliche — the near death out of body experience — and instantly breathed new life into it. While Viki's latest visit to "heaven" here and the shared Chris/Allison/Aaron Fellini-esque versions on As the World Turns were done very well, the staging and production of Rex's game show experience lent the entire sequence an air of immediacy that a cheesy in-house set would have been unable to accomplish. READ MORE

The Incredible Hulking Bad Boy Brody Lovett

Kathy Brier's Marcy McBain just can't catch a break. If she isn't getting mixed up in serial killer mysteries and baby controveries, Brody (Mark Lawson) is taking his anger out on her. I'm not entirely sure I believe the sudden, over the edge, Incredible Hulking Bad Boy Brody Lovett that erupted today. Next thing we know he's going to turn green and wear shredded purple pants.

Granted, when we were first introduced to Brody he was a drunk, brawling, military man but other than a bit of underhanded manipulations we haven't seen a whole lot of rage since. Some have suggested that Brody would make a great villian but after yesterday's Sonny Corinthos style explosion I'm hoping the character isn't well on his way to becoming the blowing up my brother and poisoning my sister-in-law psycho that All My Children's Jonathon Lavery became.

What would you like to see happen to Brody?