Martha Byrne

Has ATWT's Emma Ran Out of NutMeg? No More Lilies in Bloom on Snyder Farm?

We Love Soaps  broke the news a few weeks back that Marie Wilson (NutMeg) won't be sticking around until As The World Turns goes to the Great Broadcasting Museum in the Sky this September. Of course. Once fans actually like the character it's time for her to go! Meanwhile, we keep getting more Ciccones in Oakdale than at Madonna's family reunion. (Scratches head at Goutmanian logic). READ MORE

Perry Moves in for The Kill on Episode 11 of Gotham!

What do you get when you cross an As The World Turns vet with an Another World alum? One pretty hot smooch! Perry (Matt Crane) wants Catherine (Martha Byrne) to go out on a date with him. When she hesitates he decides a nice buss just might do the trick with his Nicole Miller co-worker. Meanwhile, Crane's former AW cougar Anna Stuart (Elizabeth)—they were one of my all-time Bay City couples, Matt Cory and Donna Love— warns her wheeling,dealing son Richard (Michael Park) about that deep-pocketed beeyouch Dinah (Maeve Kinkead). READ MORE

Matt Crane Makes Gotham Debut!

Matt Crane made his debut on Martha Byrne's Gotham on yesterday's episode. Watch the installment after the jump.


When You Wish Upon an ATWT Star

As the World Turns' Michael Park, Kelley Menighan-Hensley, Mick Hazen and Martha Byrne turned out for the 5th Annual When You Wish Upon A Star event, organized by Laurie Park, for the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club on March 6. Check out pictures from the event after the jump.


Sisters Clash and Time Runs Out on Gotham!

Catherine (Martha Byrne) is considering calling Richard (Michael Park) for old time's sake, much to the chagrin of her controlling sister Claire (Melanie Smith) on the latest installment of Gotham. Meanwhile, time is running out for Richard. Will gun-wielding mobster Dominic (Paolo Seganti)— who is  growing weary of waiting for his money— harm Richard, or his daughter Rachel (Caroline Byrne), or will moneyed sexualite Sheila Stevens (Maggie Reed) save the day? Delicious, soapy fun. Why couldn't P&G give Byrne the reigns of As The World Turns before it was too late?