Martha Byrne

Martha Byrne on General Hospital's Andrea Floyd

Check out this clip of Martha Byrne talking about Andrea Floyd, the woman behind the man on General Hospital. She also talks about working with Kimberly McCullough and how she's been treated by everyone at General Hospital.

I am loving this character and the storyline. It doesn't involve the mob, it is giving Scrubs something to do other than have the same argument over and over and Martha Byrne's character doesn't mess around. She's Port Charles version of Hillary Clinton. Love them or hate them, they are both effective at what they do.

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Are you enjoying Martha Byrne on General Hospital?

DC #423: ABC Mistresses on the Side

On today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Regan, Tina and Nicki discuss the latest in All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital news and storylines, including:

Kendall's men problems continue, as All My Children ramps up for its Cougar storyline. Are Erica and Ryan even remotely appealing? Who should Kendall end up with if Ryan is with Erica and Zach is with Liza? Luke has a suggestion that the others don't like. They say Doctors are the worst patients, in Frankie's case it seems to be true. Liza has mommy issues. Can the child really be protected from David Hayward?

Michael's anger issues are giving Drew Garrett some great material, but does he really have impulse control problems? Matt gets drunk and has a chip on his shoulder. Tina weighs in with her thoughts on Martha Byrne's debut on General Hospital. Should the show have provided better build up for the introduction of her character? General Hospital was doing a Cougar storyline with Olivia and Johnny before All My Children did it with Erica and Ryan.

Marcie gets her miracle baby on One Life to Live. Cole was sentenced to prison time. Does anyone believe he'll actually do a full sentence? Could Starr be raising their daughter on her own? Todd's reaction to Cole proposing had Regan cracking up. Dorian woke up with a hangover, but do we buy Ray being the love of Dorian's life? How will Natalie factor into the Rex and Gigi saga? Gigi tries to seduce Kyle while he's more interested in Fish.

All this and much more on today's show.

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Don't Cry for Me, Argentina

NAME THAT PLOT: An ambitious, publicly principled but morally crippled politician with aspirations for higher office has a hidden but longstanding extramarital affair while in office. His wife, moneyed or ambitious in her own right, not only knows of her husband's indiscretion but also puts up with it as long as it does not bring embarrassment to her or damage her own priorities. Is it...

A) All My Children's DA (Kieran Campion) and wife Madison (Stephanie Gatschet)
B) General Hospital's Mayor Floyd (John Bolger) and wife Andrea (Martha Bryne)
C) South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and wife Jenny
D) All of the Above

Here's a hint: the correct answer is not A, B, or C....(continued) READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 06.18.09

If it’s murder… Who killed Brianna Hughes? Would they really bring Martha Byrne onboard and make her a murderer? Will there be suspicion thrown Alexis’s way? I liked Byrne’s introduction and especially liked her comment to Patrick about not knowing that she was the Mayor’s wife. My first thought was, hmmm, we all should know the Mayor’s wife especially if the Mayor and his wife are central the storyline.

Despite being a big brat lately… Kristina has tried to be the perfect child to impress her mother. What’s the straight A student going to do when she learns her mother ain’t perfect? Hey Kristina haven’t you ever heard of ‘do as I say, not as I do?’ Will Kristina’s disappointment in her mom send her in her nonexistent father’s direction? When Kristina first hit the canvas the story SEEMED to be going in the direction of ‘poor me, daddy pays me no attention.’ Now that it’s Alexis letting her daughter down, will Kristina expect daddy to pick up the slack? I have to say, if you’re going to give Sonny all these kids, he really should be more of a father to them. Who am I kidding… Nikolas hasn’t even seen his son in the last six months, Jason abandoned his in the name of safety; in comparison Sonny is father of the year. God help us. READ MORE

First Impressions: Martha Byrne on General Hospital

Martha Byrne made her General Hospital debut during the last minutes of the show today. What are your first impressions? More pictures after the jump.  READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.15.09

JOlivia… more to come? That’s the RUMOR! I actually like them together. Does this pairing have the legs to go the distance? Surely Dante’s arrival will throw a wrench at the “mechanic.” Weigh in!

What’s the Mayor going public with? It’s SPOILED to be “startling.” Will he out his affair with the DA? Do we really care about this story except for it including Martha Byrne (Andrea Floyd)? What exactly do Ric and Andrea have cooking?

Was Rick Hearst given a proper send off? RUMOR has it there wasn’t enough time. But there was enough time for a little Hearst –Byrne interaction. What’s the deal? One RUMOR says Ric wanted the DA job back and was using Andrea to get it. Maybe “using” isn’t the right word. The SCOOP says Andrea is the one to tell Ric about Alexis and Mayor Floyd’s indiscretion. Was Ric planning on using that information to get his old job back? Really Ric? You’re no angel; in fact, you slept with your wife’s daughter around the same time. READ MORE