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Cricket and Danny Return to The Young and The Restless!

Talk about a blast from the past! TV Guide's Michael Logan is reporting  Lauralee Bell and Michael Damian will reprise the roles of Cricket Blair and Danny Romalotti, respectively on The Young and the Restless. READ MORE

Y&R's Michelle Stafford: "Phyllis Has Never Stopped Being Phyllis"

Don't tell The Young and the Restless' Michelle Stafford her alter ego's bitchy streak has been MIA. The actress spoke with TV Guide's Michael Logan about critics stating firecracker, balls-to-the-walls Phyllis has returned.

DC #303: CBS and Days Three Days a Week

On today's CBS and Days of Our Lives Daytime Confidential episode Luke, Mike, Jamey, Nicki and Melodie discuss all the latest news for As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless.

The Daytime Confidential gang discuss Goutman's endorsement of a three day a week soap schedule.

Taylor gave up her rights to Jack on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Is Days of Our Lives being sexist? Who killed Trent and do we even care?

Nicole Forrester is out and Jeff Branson is in at Guiding Light. Former Guiding Light star Tom Pelphrey turned down General Hospital and we get the gang's reaction.

The Abbott family is back on The Young and the Restless and we couldn't be happier. Michael Damian returns.

Michael Fairman drops by to discuss Soaps in the City and his interview with Kimberly McCullough.


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Michael Damian is "Restless" Again

Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti) is making his way back to Genoa City. The actor/singer is slated to head into The Young and the Restless, studios in October to tape his scenes that will play out in November.

Michael Damian Chats up Ok! Magazine

In case fans were wondering what former The Young and the Restless, star Michael Damian was up to, look no further. The singer/actor took the time out to speak with OK! Magazine to discuss his past on Y&R, his stint on Broadway and his movie, Moondance Alexander, he wrote based off his wife's life in Mississippi.

The heartthrob states, "It's the story of a young, unpopular girl who finds this pinto pony who is a bit of a renegade and a down-and-out horse trainer," he tells me. "These three come together to pursue their dreams of coming together to compete in elite horse competitions."

Fans interested in viewing the movie can check their local video store, the DVD is currently available.

Young and the Restless: Romalotti and Son Go on Tour

Rock On. Looks like Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz) will be without her friend-with-benefits for a good part of the summer as Daniel (Michael Graziadei) heads off on tour with his pop rocker pop Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) this May 27. Soap Opera Weekly Online is reporting the in demand Graziadei will be filming a role in a movied called The Reef.

Young and the Restless is bringing back Damian's Danny to facilitate Daniel's onscreen absence as the elder Romalotti asks his son to head out on the road with him in hopes of patching up their rocky relationship. Look for Graziadei's Daniel to return to Genoa City in July. Hey, I wonder if while out on the road Daniel might bump into Davetta Sherwood's Lily and Adrianne Leon's Colleen and convince them to come home and replace the pod people currently occupying those roles? Just a thought.