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Anna vs. Sam: Who Does General Hospital's McBain Share The Most Heat With?

Port Charles' tortured, supernatural lovers Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco reunited as different characters on a different soap earlier this year. Since that time, General Hospital's John McBain and Sam McCall have threatened to pick up right where Caleb and Livvie’s steamy exchanges ended.

On recent podcasts, Daytime Confidential’s Jillian Bowe has pointed out that John isn’t short on chemistry opposite Finola Hughes’ Anna Devane either, and I must admit she’s right. I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't mind seeing an Anna/John/Sam triangle!

Who do you think McBain shares the most heat with?

Caption This: Phone Calls by John McBain on General Hospital

Take your best Caption This shot at this scene with General Hospital's John McBain (Michael Easton).

Will One Life to Live's McBain be The Cop to Finally Take Down General Hospital's Sonny?!

One Life to Live’s John McBain (Michael Easton) arrives in Port Charles on March 13 looking for a bail-jumping Todd (Roger Howarth), but could another ABC Daytime antihero be in his sights? In an interview with TV Guide, Easton teases McBain’s history with Sonny (Maurice Benard) and how his concern for Starr (Kristen Alderson) keeps from returning to Natalie (Melissa Archer) and their son.

TV Guide Magazine: Do they tangle right away?

Easton: Day one, he and Sonny have a casual encounter. No one knows what's happened between them. But later Sonny tells Jason, "This guy's going to be a pain in my ass. Don't let him get carried away. Let's get him the f--k out of Port Charles." But the more people want McBain to leave, the more it makes him not want to go anywhere. Starr has a strange draw to Sonny's kid, Michael, so that's a big concern. At first McBain is worried that Michael is trying to get Starr to change her testimony to benefit his father. But he's also worried for her life. Starr thinks she's old enough to handle all this herself but she needs someone to watch her back. He's worried she's got a lot of vengeance in her heart and may act out against Sonny. My character also ends having a surprise history with some other characters, connections I didn't see coming. I feel it's very inspired.

Read the interview at TV Guide!

General Hospital Rep on Melissa Archer: "There Are No Immediate Plans to Bring Her to Port Charles"

Perhaps Michael Easton spoke too soon? The actor reportedly teased the crowd at the recent "Loving Llanview" event that his One Life to Live leading lady Melissa Archer, and her character Natalie Buchanan, would be following Easton's John McBain to Port Charles on General Hospital this May. Not true says a rep for the sudser to Soaps In Depth:

"Despite us loving them, there are no immediate plans to bring her to Port Charles," says the rep. READ MORE

First Airdates Announced For Robert, Anna and OLTL Stars on General Hospital!

Get ready soap fans! According to ABC Soaps In Depth, the wait  is almost over for Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes' return to General Hospital. Hughes' alter ego Anna Devane makes her way back to Port Charles during the week of Feb. 13, while Rogers' Robert Scorpio returns the week of Feb. 27.

Meanwhile, Kristen Alderson make her General Hospital debut the week of Feb. 20, but Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva will appear the week of Feb. 27. Sorry kids, you wil have to wait a tad bit longer for Michael Easton to arrive in the fictional town. Easton's first airdate is slated for March. READ MORE

One Life to Live's Kassie DePaiva on Upcoming General Hospital Stint: "Once The Mannings Come to Town Anything is Possible"

One Life to Live vet Kassie DePaiva has taken to her blog to set the record straight about her upcoming stint as Blair Cramer on sister sudser General Hospital.

Now...on the General Hospital...Yippie. I must say the ads and press release by ABC is a little misleading and I feel I need to clarify to all my friends, family and fans that are emailing and calling wondering when I'm moving to Los Angeles. Frank Valentini, GH's EP, asked me to come out for a couple of shows in February and I'm  thrilled. Not only will I get to work with a fantastic cast...but a little piece of OLTL will live on. That makes me very happy. And who knows where it will lead. Once the Mannings come to town anything is possible."