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Jeff Kwatinetz on One Life to Live/General Hospital Sitch: "It's Not Worked Out Yet"

Prospect Park's Jeff Kwatinetz has gone on the record with Soaps.com's Christine Fix and Amy Mistretta about several of the burning questions surrounding his company's reboots of All My Children and One Life to Live. Of course, the fate of  those three, fictional Llanview, PA. transplants, currently residing in Port Charles, New York on General Hospital came up. Said Kwatinetz:

"It's not worked out yet. They [ABC] came to us and said, 'Will you guys license us these characters?' We [Prospect Park] didn't know 100% if we were going forward, so we allowed it. We wanted to do the right thing by the actors."


Which One Life to Live Transplant Will You Miss The Most on General Hospital?

With Todd (Roger Howarth), Starr (Kristen Alderson) and John (Michael Easton) all reportedly leaving General Hospital (at least temporarily), we have to ask:

Which Llanview transplant will you miss most when they leave Port Charles?

Todd, John and Starr OUT at General Hospital! Will They Return?

Look for the characters of John McBain (Michael Easton), Todd (Roger Howarth) and Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson) to at least temporarily exit General Hospital some time in the near future, according to sources. Per the agreement ABC Daytime made when they originally brought on the three One Life to Live characters, GH has to stop using Todd and Co. now that Prospect Park's The Online Network is prepping to relaunch OLTL. READ MORE

Who Should Elizabeth Find Love With on General Hospital?

Frank Valentini’s interview with Sara Bibel, in which he discussed Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) impending love story, made me ponder who might reawaken our favorite Port Charles nurse’s flame of love.
Since I’ve never thought of Patrick’s (Jason Thompson) and Elizabeth’s relationship in brother/sister terms, I have always hoped they'd explore something more. At the same time, I think Elizabeth and AJ (Sean Kanan) have onscreen chemistry together.

There are a number of eligible single Port Charles men or former residents who Elizabeth could be find love with. Johnny’s (Brandon Barash) chances with Carly (Laura Wright) seem to be deteriorating, especially with Todd (Roger Howarth) working so hard to keep her. John McBain could take interest in Elizabeth, since Sam (Kelly Monaco) is still adjusting to Jason’s (Steve Burton) absence.
Maybe General Hospital could develop another Elizabeth vs. Sam rivalry, but over John this time? Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) could return to Port Charles to woo Elizabeth, though Valentini’s hint Liz’s soon to be man is already on canvas might pose a problem there.

Who would you like to see Elizabeth paired with on General Hospital?

Frank Valentini on GH's One Life to Live Characters: “We’re Trying to Work it Out”

Since news broke that Prospect Park was renewing their plans to revive One Life to Live, fans have been wondering what this could mean for the three former Llanview residents currently residing in fictional Port Charles, New York on General Hospital. In an interview with TV Guide, Frank Valentini addressed the possible conflict.

TV Guide Magazine: With Prospect Park now reviving One Life to Live, which you executive produced in its final days, there are reports that they have first rights to the characters of John McBain and Todd and Starr Manning, who you've now successfully integrated into the Port Charles canvas. Should we be worried they'll all have to say goodbye?

Valentini: Right now we're trying to work it out. I can't really say because the lawyers are doing their thing. Our hope is that we'll be able to continue what we're be doing.

Fang Bangers, Port Charles Style: General Hospital Revisits Caleb, Livvie and Lucy's Vampire Saga!

From the moment John McBain (Michael Easton) first crossed paths with Samantha McCall Morgan (Kelly Monaco) the pair had the sense that they had known each other before; perhaps in another life? Starting January 14, General Hospital will begin exploring an arc questioning whether FBI agent-turned-cop McBain and P.I. McCall are really their Port Charles' alter egos — vampire rocker Caleb Morley and his bitch goddess beloved Livvie!

TV Guide's Michael Logan has the scoop on what happens when former vampire slayer Lucy Coe first spies John:

She completely freaks and screams, "Caleb!" says head writer Ron Carlivati. "Later Kelly's character, Sam, comes out of the ladies room and Lucy think it's Livvie." Lucy goes into full slayer mode and stabs John. He's rushed to the hospital. She ends up in the slammer. READ MORE