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Chappell Says Otalia's Lack Of Intimacy "Unbelievable"


 Crystal Chappell revealed her thoughts to soap journalist Michael Fairman regarding Guiding Light's choice to show just a tiny speck of intimacy between the popular couple "Otalia."   


Any other moments that did not ring true for Otalia that was not a great twist on the story?


To get back to your earlier question, there should have been more affection between the two women after they admitted their feelings and had the sex conversation. (She laughs) If anything, it’s unbelievable that there was not a little more affection shown.  I have had these conversations with people where they go, “I don’t want to see them slurping kissing,” and I go, “Well, I don’t want to see two dogs kiss like that. You know what I am saying?  I don’t want to see two people slurping and slopping, either.”  I think people get things in their minds about love scenes and that they have to be tasteless.  What I think would have been wonderful is just a simple romantic mutual kiss. It’s almost the simpler the better.  That would have been my choice, not that there is anything wrong with some good hot stuff.  I think it’s the image of what people have in their heads.  I think you have to swing it back and have it all somewhere in the middle, and be open to that, and then it’s a really beautiful thing.  READ MORE

Kim Zimmer "Sad" Onscreen Daughter Didn't Return

In an interview with On Air On Soaps Michael Fairman, Kim Zimmer gave her thoughts on Guiding Light's avoidance of bringing her alter ego's daughter back to Springfield and how fans will feel with her character's ending.


Did you feel disappointed in the end, on how it wrapped up for you as Reva?


Well, I was sad that they never brought a Marah back. I don’t know why that never happened and that kind of pissed me off. They could never really figure out which one they wanted to bring back, because each one had a different job on the show. You could bring Lindsey McKeon back, but you could not bring Kimberly J. Brown back, because she would not have worked with Bradley. It’s just weird.
So, I think that is why they avoided the whole thing. I think the fans will like the last episode. I think 60 percent of my fans will be happy and I think 40 percent won’t be. (She laughs).

Guiding Light on 60 Minutes: A Review

On Sunday evening, 60 Minutes paid magnificent tribute to Guiding Light.

Viewers were treated to a retrospective segment featuring brief interviews with Tina Sloan, Frank Dicopolous, Ron Raines, Grant Aleksander, Michael O'Leary, Peter Simon, Beth Chamberlin, and of course, Robert NewmanKim Zimmer. There was also a sure-to-be lambasted short sit down with Ellen Wheeler and GL's last de facto headwriter Jill Lorie Hurst, which will probably send ex-headwriter David Kriezman (now at As the World Turns) into a soap-style catatonic state. READ MORE

B&B's Brad Bell Says Speech Being Cut Was "Upsetting"


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The newest member of the Best Show club's Brad Bell chatted with soap journalist Michael Fairman about the speech that never came during The Bold and the Beautiful's win.   

I saw how they cut you off before you got to say your long- awaited acceptance speech. The CW had a hard out at 10PM, thus the apparent reason for the short-change. You must have been upset!

It was upsetting, but that is show biz. It just landed on my lap this time. It was great to share this with the cast and crew up on the stage. I wanted to acknowledge my father which was the most important thing to me, but I did in my own way, so it’s cool.  READ MORE

Michael Fairman Releases Full Guiding Light Tribute

On Air On Soaps' Michael Fairman has released the Guiding Light tribute he originally created for the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. According to Fairman, the entire piece wasn't shown due to time constraints and he wanted to show viewers what was actually created for the telecast.

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Jessica Leccia on GL's Final Days: "Everyone Is Going To Be A Little Sad"

Advocate.com's Michael Fairman chatted up Guiding Light's Jessica Leccia about what fans can expect to see in the final days of the show.

How do you think fans will feel about the ending of the Otalia story line?

Either way, everyone is going to be a little sad...the whole thing is just sad. I hope the fans can appreciate how the story ended or didn't end, or however they see it. Everybody really did the best they could, and no matter what, it's just going to be a little bittersweet. There was not a whole lot you can do, because the story has to be over and you really don't want the story to be over. I did not envy the writers at all.

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