Michael Graziadei

Which Daytime Stars Should be on the New Melrose Place?

When the news that The CW was developing a spinoff of Beverly Hills, 90210 was still in its infancy, we asked you which daytime stars you'd like to see on the new show. Alas, neither Van Hansis nor Kirsten Storms has made the jump to good old West Bev as of yet, but both Drew Tyler Bell and the bra-zilliant Michael Graziadei have booked air time on the teen soap. So in keeping with tradition, now that news has been broken that a possible Melrose Place update could soon turn up on our screens, which daytime stars would you like to see living it up at Amanda Woodward's motel-style, SoCal apartment complex?

It's Official: I like Tammin as Y&R's Colleen!

I don't know when it happened, but it has. I completely, totally accept and even like Tammin Sursok in the role of Abbott heiress Colleen Carlton on The Young and the Restless. As much as I am thrilled to see one of the best couples on daytime, Daniel and Amber (Adrienne Frantz and Michael Graziadei), reunite, I found myself empathizing with Colleen. Who wants to find out that someone's just not that into you on the radio? Well, I guess it beats Facebook.

Maybe it's the good writing of late, or the fact that it also took me a long time to warm up to Adrianne Leon's version—her Colleen was too "Bwookie" from General Hospital early on—or maybe it's simply that Sursok resembles a young Lisa Hartman-Black who I loved as Ciji/Cathy on Knots Landing. Whatever the reason, Sursok is officially "my" Colleen. There, I said it. Talk, er, type amongst yourselves!

Michael Graziadei on 90210 as Drug Dealer

Watch out 90210, Michael Graziadei is coming to town! According to Nelson Branco's Suds Report The Young and the Restless' actor has been cast as a drug dealer on this year's most buzzed about new show.

Hmmmm...first Graziadei portrays a character addicted to porn and now he's a drug dealer. Next thing we know he'll end up on A&E's great new show The Cleaner as a heroin addict. Wait a minute, that's not a half bad idea. A guest spot on a cable show like The Cleaner would give Graziadei a perfect opportunity to stretch his acting wings.