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Y&R: Strange Bedfellows

What happened to not messing around with your BFF's ex?

Can Dr. Drew Save Amber and Daniel's Romance on Y&R?

It's Dr. Drew Pinsky to the rescue for on-the-rocks couple Daniel and Amber next week on The Young and the Restless. According to TV Guide's Michael Logan, Genoa City's most promising pairing will call in to talk to the Loveline host on July 23.

Two days prior to Pinsky's appearance on the CBS soap,  Adrienne Frantz (Amber) and Michael Graziadei (Daniel) are set to appear on the real life radio program as themselves. Let's hope Dr. Drew can help Y&R's sexiest twosome mend fences...or at least explain to them the importance of using dental dams during oral sex like he has done for generations of youngsters.

Young and the Restless: Romalotti and Son Go on Tour

Rock On. Looks like Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz) will be without her friend-with-benefits for a good part of the summer as Daniel (Michael Graziadei) heads off on tour with his pop rocker pop Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) this May 27. Soap Opera Weekly Online is reporting the in demand Graziadei will be filming a role in a movied called The Reef.

Young and the Restless is bringing back Damian's Danny to facilitate Daniel's onscreen absence as the elder Romalotti asks his son to head out on the road with him in hopes of patching up their rocky relationship. Look for Graziadei's Daniel to return to Genoa City in July. Hey, I wonder if while out on the road Daniel might bump into Davetta Sherwood's Lily and Adrianne Leon's Colleen and convince them to come home and replace the pod people currently occupying those roles? Just a thought.

Young and the Restless: Michael Graziadei (Daniel) To Play Gay Serial Killer On Criminal Minds

In a jaw droppingly-politically incorrect, homophobic turn of events Young and the Restless star Michael Graziadei  (Daniel) is set to appear on the April 30 episode of his former Y&R uncle/daddy-in-law Shemar Moore's hit CBS series Criminal Minds as-get this-a "sexually confused" young man who takes to screwing guys and then offing them. This display of a lack of adequate dopamine receptors in the brain is triggered after Graziadei's character is rejected by his homophobic father. Something tells me Criminal Minds will be a shoe-in for a GLAAD Award next year with this progressive tale don't you think?

Y&R/B&B : Felicia and Amber Face Off!

Don't expect visiting fashion plate Felicia Forrester (Leslie Kay) to be too happy to see her ex-sister-in-law Amber (Adrienne Frantz) when she runs into her at the Restless Style launch party next week on Y&R.
As previously reported, Stephanie's youngest daughter crosses over with Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) to attend the magazine's launch. When Felicia learns Amber is up to her old tricks, i.e. bedding Daniel (Michael Graziadei) another toyboy from a rich family, she warns Daniel's mom Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) to keep Amber away from her kid at all cost.
For Y&R fans who don't know Amber's B&B history, she showed up in L.A. as a friend of psycho Sheila Carter. Amber proceeded to get herself hired as Bridget Forrester's nanny and then bedded Bridget's teenage brother Rick (then Jacob Young, now JR, AMC), who is also Felicia's little brother. Around the same time,  Amber also slept with her old friend from back home Raymond (played by R&B singer Usher) and when she became pregnant, she didn't know if the kid was Rick's or Raymond's. 

When time came for her to give birth Amber headed home to Death Valley to have the baby in secret. She wanted to get a the first peek at the kid before having to face the music with Rick-whom by then she had guilted into marriage. Unfortunately the baby-which turned out to be Rick's-was still born. Never fear, our scrappy Amber took the baby her cousin Becky planned to give up for adoption, returned to L.A. and passed that baby off as Rick's!
A couple of years later Amber set her sights on an even younger Forrester heir, when she deflowered Ridge and Taylor's son Thomas. So it's no wonder Felicia isn't too fond of her!

Did Lauralee Bell Turn Down Offer To Celebrate Y&R's 35th Anniversary On Screen?

The cover of the new Soap Opera Digest set to hit the stands tomorrow (March 14) doesn’t make the possible return of former Y&R star Lauralee Bell (ex- Christine "Cricket" Blair) for the show’s upcoming 35th anniversary all that likely. While we haven’t had a chance to read the actual article (the cover page was released online a day earlier than usual), a picture of Bell with the words “No Thanks” in quotes across it appears on the cover near the right side at the bottom. Beside the picture reads the caption: “Lauralee Bell: Why She Refused To Return”. This could prove disappointing for fans who were looking forward to a mini-reunion of 90’s Y&R supercouple Danny and Cricket. It has already been confirmed that Bell’s former co-star Michael Damien (Danny Romalotti) is returning to the show. Danny's return will be at the behest of another of his exes, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), who summons him to town to deal with the latest drama concerning their son Daniel (Michael Graziadei), however  pop star Damien is reported to be performing at least two songs when not dealing with his troubled offspring. Perhaps Danny will do a set with Neil (Kristoff St. John) 's current squeeze Karen (Nia Peeples) or Daniel's friend with benefits Amber (Adrienne Frantz)?