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Summer Newman Delves Into Cyberbullying on The Young and The Restless

The Young and the Restless’ Summer Newman (Hunter Haley King) is definitely starting to become her mother Phyllis' (Michelle Stafford) child. The teen schemer is still blazing mad about the affair her mother carried on with FBI Agent Ronan Malloy. (Jeff Branson) She decides it's time he gets some payback by way of his mentee, Jamie (Daniel Polo).
TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan spoke with head writer Josh Griffith and got the skinny on Summer's quest take down Ronan.

Summer is in such a screwed-up state over the divorce of her parents that she misguidedly decides to hurt Ronan by hurting this kid he cares so much about," says the soap's Emmy-winning head writer Josh Griffith. "She uses her phony online persona called 'Brittni' to form a relationship with Jamie and draw information out of him — deeply personal and hurtful stuff about his past troubles with the law — and then she blasts it out to everyone on FacePlace. She'll also be using texting and instant messaging to disparage him further.


Bold and Beautiful's John McCook Reveals What's Next For Eric After Stephanie Dies

As the Forrester clan rallies around dying matriarch Stephanie (Susan Flannery), many fans are wondering what will become of her husband and business partner Eric (John McCook). TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan spoke with McCook to get the details.

TV Guide Magazine: This is just as much Eric's story as it is Stephanie's, don't you think?

McCook: It is! When I first heard Susan was retiring [from the role], I went to [exec producer] Brad Bell and said, "What will we do? How do we handle this? What's going to happen to me?" [Laughs] Because, as an actor, it's all about me, of course! But Brad is using this great loss to refocus B&B in a new, really exciting direction. Of course, right now everyone is watching how Stephanie deals with this as the days tick down but in time it very much becomes Eric's story and I'm really excited to have it. This is a huge change for our show and for me, personally. Eric has kind of been in Stephanie's shadow in recent years, even in business. [Laughs] Even in mourning! She won't even let him grieve the way he wants to grieve. She's running everything from the catbird seat, telling everyone how to be sad! But, yeah, Eric will be getting his power back.

Days of Our Lives' Will and Sonny Hit The Sheets Nov. 14!

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Days of Our Lives' "It" couple Will (Chandler Massey) and Sonny (Freddie Smith) will finally consummate their relationship. TV Gude Magazine's Michael Logan is reporting the duo's bedroom encounter is geared up for Nov. 14, and it may be one for the history books!

"WilSon" as they are known online, will attempt to do the deed on Oct. 29, but their encounter ends up being interrupted by a freaked out Lucas (Bryan Dattilo)!

Said Massey:

I know a lot of dads who are like Lucas. They're not homophobic per se, or against gay marriage, but they're uncomfortable being in close contact with anything gay, especially when it involves their son. It's all okay in theory but they don't want to deal with the reality. stated Massey.

Smith revealed:

That's kind of hilarious considering Sonny came out [in the summer of 2011] and then went a year without even kissing anybody. But, in Lucas' mind, Sonny is moving way too fast. He thinks Will needs more time before having sex..

Check out a sneak peek of the sizzling encounter after the jump! READ MORE

Brad Bell Gives The 411 on Susan Flannery's Bold and Beautiful Exit

Break out your hankies, kids. The moment The Bold and the Beautiful fans have been dreading is finally happening. Susan Flannery will take her final bow as overprotective fashion matriarch Stephanie Forrester this December. Showrunner Brad Bell spoke with TV Guide’s Michael Logan about how he's writing out the legendary actress and character. 

TV Guide Magazine: Was it always the plan to use Stephanie's lung cancer as a way to write Susan off the show?

Bell: Susan has been talking about leaving us for a while now, but I knew that I could go into the cancer plot and come out of it two ways. Stephanie could survive it, or we could take the story to an unfortunate end. We will try to do justice to the disease itself, playing it honestly and accurately, but the primary goal is to honor both Susan and Stephanie and to give anyone who watches something beautiful to keep with them for a long time to come.

Eileen Davidson on Recent Y&R Stint: "I'd Always Been Led to Believe it Was Maria Bell Who Brought Me Back"

Did mercifully ousted The Young and the Restless showrunner Maria Arena Bell take credit for Josh Griffith's efforts to fix the sudser back in 2008? It's starting to look more and more that way.

MAB has long taken credit in the press for the decision to bring back mega popular Eileen Davidson  as Ashley Abbott. However, in a recent TV Guide interview, Griffith—whom MAB allegedly had forced out during his previous stint in Genoa City—said it was his idea to welcome Davidson back to the fold.

Davidson, who returns as Days of Our Lives' wacky Kristen Blake DiMera on Oct. 11, weighs in on the drama for a new TV Guide chat. Here's a snippet:

TV Guide Magazine: Well, for what it's worth. I interviewed Josh Griffith a couple of weeks ago, now that he's back as head writer at Y&R, and he hates it that you're not on the show anymore. He wants you back. Bad! He told me he was the one who brought you from The Bold and the Beautiful back to Y&R during the writers strike.

Davidson: I talked to Peter Bergman [Jack] the other day and he told me the same thing. That's very interesting, because I'd always been led to believe it was Maria Bell who brought me back


Y&R's Greg Rikaart Talks Chipmunks, Phyllis' Capers and That Twitter Beef With Melissa Reeves

Just when things were starting to look up for Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) on The Young and the Restless, he had to go and get mixed up with Phyllis Newman (Michelle Stafford)! TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan chatted with Rikaart to find out what's going to happen once the police and Kevin's big brother—District Attorney Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc)—learn he's somehow connected to a very dead Dr. Tim (Aaron Lustig)!

Rikaart also shared why he felt strong enough about Days of Our Lives' Melissa Reeves "free speech" tweet in support of anti-LGBT Chick-fil-A to take a very public stance against her. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

TV Guide Magazine: So accurate that I hear even Kevin's brother, Michael [Christian LeBlanc], will think he has a shady connection to Reid's death.

Rikaart: Kevin is so ethically challenged it was only a matter of time before he and Michael were on opposite sides of the law, especially now that Michael is the D.A. Before this, Kevin always went to his brother for help. Not this time. He decides to lie to him, which only make things worse. Michael will insist that Kevin come down to the police station and meet with Beth face-to-face. But it's really no crime to move a dead body...is it?