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Nadia Bjorlin Jokes Re: Soap Absence and Return: "Without Chloe, You Could Have Put De Niro on DAYS and Nothing Would Happen!"

Nadia Bjorlin fans, rejoice! TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan is reporting the raven-haired vixen is bringing songbird Chloe Lane  home to Salem!

TV Guide Magazine: What happens when Chloe returns?

Bjorlin: I have heard she's going to come back as her old self again, the Chloe with good self-esteem, a stronger and more confident Chloe who can really stand up for herself and not be bullied. Toward the end there, she was being bullied by everyone in Salem! No more. She's coming back a lot more mature and who knows? [Laughs] Maybe she'll get some revenge! There are so many possibilities for the character and they've only told me a little bit right now because they don't trust me with the information. It's been very hush-hush. [A Days rep adds that Chloe's return will be heavily centered around her son, Parker.] READ MORE


Aaron Lustig Back to Being 'Young and Restless'

Just when things seem to be looking up in Phyllis' (Michelle Stafford) personal life, a blast from her past returns to Genoa City. TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan is reporting Aaron Lustig is returning to The Young and the Restless as Dr. Tim Reid!

Days of Our Lives' Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng Speaks Out About Writing Shake Up!

Fans still reeling from the news Days of Our Lives sacked head writers Darrell Ray Thomas and Marlene McPherson all have the same question: Why? The duo seemed to be going towards traditional storytelling, while writing one of the show's most riveting storylines in decades, Will (Chandler Massey) coming out. TV Guide Magazine's  Michael Logan spoke with co-executive producer Greg Meng to find out about DAYS latest attempt to "reset" things. 

TV Guide Magazine: Word is, NBC instigated this writer change. Is that the case?

Meng: We spoke with the network and collectively felt we needed to take a pause, make a change with the writing and the style of the show for a while and see if that will redirect things. The ratings situation is very complex and difficult, and we have a tremendous challenge with that right now. Everybody on the Days team, and that includes NBC and Sony, our distributor, wants this show to succeed and we're doing everything we can to make it work. We all have different visions as to how to achieve that success but the good news is that we're all in synch on the future. No one wants cancellation. Even though we brought in Darrell and Marlene to reset Days last September, it was always our feeling that the show needed to constantly be nurtured with smaller resets. This isn't the end of the world. We're just resetting it again in an effort to get it right.

TV Guide Magazine: After the firing, Marlene tweeted that NBC "never let us tell our stories. They kept stopping us and changing our direction." You got a comment?

Meng: I can't really address where she's coming from. She and Darrell loved the show so much and it became a part of their lives. We definitely want to retain a relationship with them.

BREAKING NEWS: Renee Jones QUITS Days of Our Lives!


Say it ain't so, dah-lings?! TV Guide's Michael Logan is reporting Days of Our Lives' Renee Jones is saying au revoir to Salem. Before you get out your pitch forks and torches, the actress says it was all her idea to leave the soap opera — and acting period! 


Peter Bergman on Most Recent Daytime Emmy Telecast: "It Was a Vulgar, Vegas Nightmare"

Outspoken daytime thespian Peter Bergman doesn't mince words when talking about the most recent Daytime Emmy telecasts. The award-winning The Young and the Restless actor spoke with TV Guide's  Michael Logan regarding his take on the future of the telecast and its most recent incarnations:

It was a vulgar, Vegas nightmare. The awards need to return to what they were years ago, a private, elegant event.

Ouch! Meanwhile fans and actors alike are asking the question: Will the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards even be aired this year? Given the huge reform the pre-nominations recently underwent, it would be a shame if we didn't get to see our faves take home the gold this year!

Y&R's Lauralee Bell Snags Spoof-tacular Role On Castle!

Now this is something that needs to be watched! According to TV Guide Magazine's  Michael Logan, Lauralee Bell has grabbed a guest starring role on Castle. The Young and the Restless alum will play Pam Francis, an 80's singer turned reality show judge, still reveling in the past when she was at her peak. Sound familiar (Hi, Paula Abdul!)? Bell stated: READ MORE