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Who Is Your Favorite Couple: As the World Turns' Carly and Craig vs. Jack and Janet

I'm enjoying the relationships of Carly (Maura West) and Craig (Jon Lindstrom) and Jack (Michael Park) and Janet (Julie Pinson) immensely, but for different reasons. Carly and Craig are a combination of the forbidden, the naughty, the long awaited and an honest acceptance of one another as they are. 

Since I've been watching Janet is the first woman that made sense with Jack, other than Carly. As the World Turns has figured out a way to give Jack a viable love interest without making everything about their relationship revolve around Carly. Of course Carly is still in the picture and inadvertently does things to frustrate Jack, but instead of it being about Carly trying to get Jack back it is about their kids. I believe that Carly and Jack are the end game, but I am perfectly happy for that end game to wait a while as long as Janet is in the picture.

Which is your favorite couple?

Random Thoughts on Five Soaps

I'm back, gentle readers, and not a moment too soon. Since we were last together, real life has provided more plot twists than an episode of Lost, but I've still managed to faithfully watch the stories day in and day out. While there are a few larger topics that I'll be addressing in the next few days and weeks, it turns out a little time and distance provides the opportunity for a bit of clarity and perspective on issues that one might have been previously too close to appreciate. In that spirit, here are a few completely random observations about the five soaps I normally watch that I've noticed in the little over a month since I last posted. These observations generally are not a part of the usual list of talking points, but just a number of things that have popped in my head. Without further ado... READ MORE

Performers of the Day: Mick Hazen, Maura West and Michael Park

On this week’s Performer of the Week episode I talked about how the expressions on Melody Thomas Scott’s face, last week when Nikki realized that Katherine is who she claims to be, gave me chills. Well move aside Melody Thomas Scott, Greg Rikaart and Emily O’Brien, As the World Turns’ Mick Hazen, Maura West and Michael Park are in the house.

The intensity with which Mick Hazen went toe-to-toe with Maura West was riveting. West was at her best as Carly lashed out, trying to stop the marriage from happening. It was the perfect blend of a mother lion and desperate inevitability. READ MORE