Michael Park

Brad Makes a Connection to Katie on ATWT

Brad is able to make a connection with Katie next week on As The World Turns. Also, Molly returns to Oakdale, which doesn't sit too well with Lily! Watch the promo after the jump. READ MORE

Michael Park Speaks Out On Austin Peck's Departure

Michael Fairman spoke to powerhouse Michael Park on the recent departure of co-star Austin Peck from As The World Turns.

MICHAEL: What can you tell us about the reports that Austin was indeed, “fired”?

MICHAEL PARK: Look, he did not get fired. We needed to facilitate Brad going away to facilitate story and unfortunately he was collateral damage. What a firestorm it started because the fans got very upset. But the story that happened because of that was so gorgeous that that death was so wonderful, and so many people benefited from it. Most of all, I believe the fans did. And it’s not over yet, because the Christmas Eve show will knock your socks off! The Christmas Eve show is one of our most beautiful shows of the year, I think.

Michael Park Visits His Theatrical Past

Michael Park, better known as Jack Snyder, the Dudley Do Right of Oakdale, chatted with The Daily News about how an unexpected event in his life turned him from architect to actor. READ MORE

Gotham Hits The Web Nov. 23

Photo Courtesy of Gotham The Series 

Martha Byrne and the gang from Gotham make their web series debut Nov. 23. According to the show's official web site, fans can participate in an hour long live chat starting at 7pm ET followed by the premiere of Gotham.