Michelle Obama

The Obamas Are Ratings Gold For The View

If this doesn't make Elisabeth Hasselbeck vote for Barack Obama, nothing will. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the recent appearance of the President and First Lady Michelle Obama was watched by 4.3 million viewers. The installment netted the ABC Daytime talk show a four-month ratings high. Yes they can — cause Nielsen spikes!  

President and First Lady Visit The View!

For the first time ever, President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama visited ABC Daytime's The View for a joint interview today.  The POTUS and First Lady fielded questions about what would happen to the country if Republican nominee Mitt Romney were elected, as well as if Mrs. Obama has any aspirations toward public office of her own.

Check out snippets from the interview posted by our pals at Zap2it, or watch the entire episode once it's posted at ABC.com!

Photo credit: ABC

Find Out Oprah’s “Miracle of All Miracles” January 24!

Oprah has granted a lot of wishes and helped a lot of people over the years, but Monday January 24 she’s going to reveal her own personal “miracle of all miracles.” In the promo for the upcoming episode, the Might O reveals she “was keeping a family secret for months” and that she was “given news that shook me to the core.” As news spread of Oprah's upcoming big secret Twitter exploded with speculation. AOL has compiled some of the hilarious tweets. Whatever Oprah’s secret is, the way it is being described sounds an awful lot like something we might see on a soap. READ MORE

Oprah Stars In Comic Book?

Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane...it's Oprah? The Mighty O will be immortalized in the latest installment of the comic book series, Female Force by Bluewater Productions. Female Force are biographical comics based on the lives of influential women and so far have already featured First Lady Michelle Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Caroline Kennedy and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. READ MORE