Nancy Lee Grahn

Twitter Gives GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn a Voice

Nancy Lee Grahn’s Alexis Davis is embarking on a menopause storyline on General Hospital. In an interview with TV Guide, Grahn discusses the new twist in Alexis’ life, whether-or-not Frank Valentini likes the Jill Farren Phelps approved storyline and her penchant for speaking out on Twitter.

TV Guide Magazine: You've blasted everyone from Vera Wang, because she's a soap snob who wouldn't make her dresses available to GH, to that poor girl who beat out Lexi Ainsworth for the Daytime Emmy last year.

Grahn: I was pissed! I saw those Emmy tapes. There was no contest. That award was Lexi's. It was like they were asking, "Who's prettier, Angelina Jolie or Phyllis Diller?" And then they opened the envelope and the winner was Phyllis Diller! Don't me wrong, I love Phyllis Diller. But, c'mon, let's be real here! And my Vera Wang rant was very well deserved. It reached 100,000 people. How else is someone like me going to reach that many? I'm not on magazine covers. I have no voice. Twitter is a place for me to say what I think and get some response back. [Laughs] It's a place for me to vent about the Kardashians. And I have very funny and intelligent people responding to me, so it's like an ongoing dialogue, a conversation. READ MORE

Nancy Lee Grahn to Spoof The View and The Talk in Web Series

The ladies of The Talk and The View better take cover. Soap veteran Nancy Lee Grahn, along with comics Mo Gaffney and Morgan Walsh, are gearing up for Back Talk. It is a brand new web series for The Upright Citizens Brigade's online comedy channel. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will take aim at the backstage shenanigans on chatfests like The Talk and The View. Gaffney stated:

It’s everything you’ve always wanted to see behind the scenes at a women’s talk show … except the topless parts.

Back Talk begins shooting in March and is slated to debut in May on

Is Sam Preggers on General Hospital?

Is Alexis Davis about to become the wittiest, most neurotic Mee Maw ever? The character's portrayer Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted she's hearing Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is with child on General Hospital.

"I hear that Sam is Preggers. I guess me and Danny Devito (explains Sam's height) are gonna be Grandparents. Oh joy!" And "I hear the baby will look exactly like @1steveburton but have Franco's career." 


Nancy Lee Grahn Reveals Ex-GH Writer Bob Guza's "Agendas"

Outspoken soap diva Nancy Lee Grahn set the Twitter world ablaze last night, by disclosing some shocking claims about former General Hospital scribe Bob Guza. Grahn told fans the reason the Alexis and Sonny (Maurice Benard) pairing was split up was due to Guza. According to Grahn:

The actress also stated: READ MORE

Oops...It was Lisa De Cazotte Nancy Lee Grahn Was Talking About!

Update: Egg meet face. It looks like Nancy Lee Grahn's daughter Kate has more than one producer Godmother! Grahn was tweeting about the hiring of Lisa De Cazotte at Days of Our Lives. I guessed wrong and reader Charleyhorse had it right! #Falls on sword.

I was just about to settle in for a quiet Saturday night when one of Daytime Confidential's readers/listeners asked me on Facebook if I knew anything about the "big soap news" General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted was set to break on Monday. Of course, being the good (read: nosey) soap blogger I am, I went to La Grahn's Twitter handle and found this tantalizing teaser:

Very excited about soap news about to be broken Monday. I LOVE the person that this is about. She is Kate's Godmother. That's all I'll say READ MORE

General Hospital Alum Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo Tweets Vera Wang Can Go....Ahem..."Pleasure" Herself!!

One of Nancy Lee Grahn's former costars is cosigning what the actress tweeted about Vera Wang allegedly refusing to let General Hospital use her clothing in storylines. Former GH superstar Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo tweeted that Wang's company refused to let her character Brenda Barrett get married in one of the designer's gowns, but said the actress could get married in real life (to CSI: NY hunk Carmine Giovinazzo) in VW couture! Gee thanks, Vera. Here's what Marcil Giovinazzo tweeted:

I wish Vera Wang's Co. would be honest. They said that they would do VANESSA'S personal WD but no dress for GH. ? Oscar De LA R said yes!

Vanessa doesn't believe in treating people differently because of some "who's cool and who's not game, so she canceled her personal.....

...Wedding dress at Vera Wang and 4 her brisemaids and went Oscar de la renta and Carolina Herrera!!!!!!!!!!! for her W dresses. VW can GFH

We then got our BrideM dresses and the guys suits from JCREW! Beautiful stuff. We made our own club where EVERYONE is welcome & cool enough