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GH: JoLiva, Nikolas and Rebecca Get It On (Images)

Summer is a sizzling and so is General Hospital, or at least that is what they are hoping we think. On today's episode Johnny and Olivia were getting it on when Sonny called, providing one of the episode's more humorous moments. Meanwhile, Nikolas and NotEmily were doing it like they were on True Blood, not living in Port Charles. Is this love in the afternoon? More images of JoLivia, Nikolas and NotEmily after the jump. READ MORE

Make Love, Not Hay on General Hospital

Is it "love in the afternoon" when it's done in the hay and with a doppleganger? General Hospital seems to be ramping up the "love scenes," but can Johnny and Olivia having sex really be considered love? Is Nikolas sleeping with a carbon copy of his long lost Emily Quartermaine what fans are craving? More pictures of Nikolas and NotEmily after the jump. READ MORE

Wishful Casting: Amber Tamblyn as Emily Bowen Quartermaine

In the interest of seizing the opportunity, with Amber Tamblyn's latest primetime vehicle sinking faster than Chuck Pratt's approval rating—or I.Q. for that matter— I say Brian Frons get on the horn and ask Tamblyn to reprise the role that made her famous, General Hospital's Emily Bowen Quartermaine.
Since Bad Granny (Constance Towers) is in town for a spell, why can't GH simply say she's been holding the real Emily captive, before slicing NotEmily's throat, as part of Guza's next Sweeps fartacular? I'm sure GH fans would turn a blind eye to Emily suddenly having her original face, the way One Life to Live viewers did when Max Holden came back with his old kisser, or when Amerasian Blair Daimler suddenly became white and from the South.

Rebecca And The Brothers Grim


NotEmily (Natalia Livingston) seems to be working her voodoo charms and feminine wiles on brothers Lucky (Greg Vaughan) and Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), whether she intends to or not. Our own Regan likes Rebecca and Lucky and if it gives Vaughan a storyline I don't mind. Personally, I'm not particularly fond of either coupling. Why couldn't they have just brought her back as Emily?

Which pairing do you like best?


Constance Towers Returns to General Hospital

I know we've already dished about the great Constance Towers return as Helena Cassadine on General Hospital. The actress has confirmed the news on her official website. Constance and Helena return this April. To celebrate her return, check out some classic clips of Constance as Helena after the jump. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.05.09

We’re going to make today a Q & A day. Tomorrow will be an off day unless my new internet is hooked up early enough to blog. Ask away and I’ll answer what I can.

So Luke loves the Cassadines and he always calls for a resurgence of all things Cassadine and to most that means their evil ways. Nikolas is always seen as the good Cassadine and I’m still trying to figure out what kind of Cassadine Alexis is supposed to be. They seem to forget that Sam is a Cassadine which sucks for the Sam fans but is ok by me. Apparently a RUMOR is out there that the ultimate Cassadine is returning. Helena! This RUMOR say Constance Towers MAY be returning in April. Why the return? I’m not sure but ever since Natalia Livingston returned as Rebecca and not as fan favorite Emily Quartermaine fans have been clamoring for Rebecca Shaw to really be Emily and have said Helena should be involved in the fake death. Word of Caution… the Helena RUMORS supposedly are coming from SID and while it’s a great mag sometimes their RUMORS are more miscommunication than actual facts. READ MORE