Natalia Livingston

Just How Pathetic Will GH Make the Cassadines?

Since NotEmily's (Natalia Livingston) arrival in Port Charles I've been trying to figure out what The Powers That Be were up to. Today I think I figured it out. This has to be a conspiracy to make the once proud Cassadine family even more pathetic than the lows achieved during the Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) as Dobson the Butler storyline.

I refuse to believe that any Cassadine, even one birthed by the sainted womb of Laura Spencer and who many believe to be "the good Cassadine," would be so pathetic as to do what Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) is doing now.

This is not how a Cassadine behaves, much less the prince of the Cassadines. Any Cassadine worth their salt would manipulate, steal, kidnap, or even kill to get what they want. Look at what Stefan and Stavros did because of their "love" for Laura. Alexis killed to protect Kristina. I won't even go into the many things that Helena has done.  READ MORE

Resemblance: Ava and NotEmily?

Maybe I'm off my rocker, but has anyone else thought that General Hospital's NotEmily (Natalia Livingston) reminded them of All My Children's Ava (Leven Rambin)? Maybe it's the dark eyeshadow and the streaked highlights, but every time I see NotEmily I get a momentary flash of the horror that was Ava.

Do you see a resemblance between Ava and NotEmily?

GH's Tyler Christopher: "I Don't Think Nadine Will Go Quietly"

General Hospital
's Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) recently spoke to soap journalist Michael Fairman about Sweeps, biotoxins, the return of Natalia Livingtson (ex-Emily; Rebecca) and the upcoming exit of one of DC's favorite actresses, Claire Coffee (Nadine) from the soap.Here's what Christopher had to say when Fairman asked him about Coffee's exit:

MICHAEL: Is Claire Coffee, as Nadine, going to have closure with Nikolas? We know that Claire has stated she is now off-contract from the show. Obviously, the two of them seem to be heading towards just being friends. What are your thoughts?

TYLER: I think all the evidence points towards that now that Natalia is back. It does not take a genius to figure that one out. I think there is some guilt in the beginning to tear himself away from this girl, and his obvious attraction to her, because of her uncanny resemblance to Emily. But, I don’t think Nadine will go quietly. READ MORE

Claire Coffee OFF Contract at General Hospital!

Most fans were expecting some sort of shake-up for Nurse Nadine when it was announced that Natalia Livingston was returning to General Hospital. Claire Coffee took to her message board to let the fans know just what's up with her status at GH.

Hi Everyone!
It's been a while since I've stopped by...
I sort of figured this was coming, but wanted to be absolutely certain until I relayed the news.
I have been taken off contract, effective February 8. It's a mutual decision; I completely understand the stresses of the producers and writers and the Nadine storyline seemed to coming to a close. I won't be exploding in a ball of hospital flames, but you probably won't see me much around the hospital, either. Tough times in the economy, Port Charles included! Jill Phelps has been incredibly supportive and I have nothing but respect and reverence for my time at GH. Thank YOU ALL for your support.

Signing off,


General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.15.09

Welcome Home Natty! Now if they would have never killed you off in the first place.

Crisis! Kicks off today!

Dropped in the comments yesterday:

Confusion Central? Not really as we're used to this flash forward and then flash back to tell the story... it's all GH seems to know how to do when producing their "stunts." I should channel my inner-Jamey and attempt to be positive but then again what fun would that be?

Here's how it should be.... We'll start the crisis with Patrick trying to stop the surgery and that montage. Then we go back to tell the tale of how we got to that point. We'll see Scrubs move, Carly invite Robin to the benefit, Sonny & Jason stuff, Matt & Maxie, Agent Rayner gets some "alarming news".... That is SUPPOSED to last over 9 episodes. Then there is the aftermath. So, 9 episodes to tell how we got to the OR with Matt, Monica, Leyla and Elizabeth.

Carly and Robin understand each other? What was once a great soap rivalry now is Carly going to Patrick with concern over Robin's behavior. Robin starts to understand what Carly may have been feeling when she left Michael with Jason. READ MORE

Soap Stars Go On Tour!

Want to meet your favorite soap stars? Well now's your chance as the Soap Opera Mania on Tour could be coming your way soon!!

Stars from all your favorite soaps are starting a tour around the country next month and they could be right in your neck of the woods. They will be adding more locations as they go and as they do I will update you with those additions. But as for what they have so far here is the upcoming schedule of where, when, and who will be there....

Saturday 02/07/09 in Macon, GA at the Anderson Conference Center:

Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin - The Young and the Restless)
Austin Peck (Brad Snyder - As the World Turns)
Brandon Beemer (Owen Knight - The Bold and the Beautiful)
Murray Bartlett (Cyrus Foley - Guiding Light)
Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler - Guiding Light)
Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester - The Bold and the Beautiful)
Julie Pinson (Janet Snyder - As the World Turns)
Don Diamont (Brad READ MORE