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Oprah on Lindsay Lohan: "I Want Her to Win" (VIDEO)

Oprah Winfrey
isn’t having any second thoughts about being in business with troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. The talk show titan stopped by The Early Show Monday morning, where she discussed her media empire and new movie, Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

During the visit, Winfrey also opened up about her upcoming interview with Lohan and the eight-part documentary series in the works for LiLo at OWN. Watch the interview after the jump! READ MORE

David Letterman Demands to Know Oprah's Meditation Mantra (VIDEO)

Former celebrity enemies Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman reunited Thursday night on The Late Show. The Mighty O was there to promote her performance in Lee Daniel's The Butler, yet didn't miss the opportunity to discuss her Meditation Challenge with guru pal Deepak Chopra. Watch a clip after the jump! READ MORE

Rae Dawn Chong on Oprah: "Do I Have Issues With Her? Yes!"

Jesus be a publicist! Rae Dawn Chong has released a video to clarify the comments she made against Oprah Winfrey. Chong, who starred alongside Winfrey in The Color Purple, made headlines when she appeared on Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour  trashing O and then claiming,

If you look at the way [Oprah] looks, she looks like 60 years ago she would have been a house keeper luckily. She would have not been a house n**ger she would have been a field n*****.

Chong released a video on YouTube putting the entire fiasco all on TMZ’s shoulders.  According to Chong, she was giving the media mogul a compliment.  Watch the bizarre video below. READ MORE

Wendy Williams Relays Odd Oprah Encounter to Susan Lucci (VIDEO)

Devious Maids and All My Children legend Susan Lucci stopped by The Wendy Williams Show Thursday, to help the talk show host celebrate her birthday.

During her appearance, La Lucci flipped the script and placed Williams in the ‘Hot Seat’, a game she plays with her guests. For Williams’ last question, Lucci asked the birthday girl what her most awkward encounter was with a celebrity. Williams told Lucci and the audience about a time she ran into talk show titan Oprah Winfrey. Williams recalled:

"I was coming down the escalator and she was going up the escalator in a publishing building. I forgot exactly what I was doing there, but that’s where Harpo's...where her magazine is here in Manhattan. And we were the only two people in the lobby other than security downstairs, and for them I guess it was like watching a TV show. You know, like okay, 'Here it goes.' And I said to my publicist [who] was with me, I said, “There’s Oprah hold in your stomach!”

Say what? Watch at the 10-minute mark after the jump! READ MORE

Oprah Winfrey's Color Purple Co-Star Calls Her a "Field N*****"

Jealousy truly is an ugly thing. Oprah Winfrey's on-screen rival from The Color Purple went on a radio program and royally trashed the media icon, stooping so low as to call her a field n*****.

Rae Dawn Chong—who no one has heard from since the 80's—ripped The Mighty O on Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour.  Here's an excerpt:

"If you look at the way [Oprah] looks, she looks like 60 years ago she would have been a house keeper luckily. She would have not been a house n**ger she would have been a field n**ger."


OWN Snags Lindsay Lohan Interview and Signs Actress For Documentary

Lindsay Lohan's stock is starting to slowly rise. EW.com is reporting Oprah Winfrey and OWN have nabbed the trouble starlet for a television interview once she leaves rehab this summer.

According to the site, Lohan will appear on Oprah's Next Chapter, after completing her 90-day, court-appointed rehab stint . OWN has also signed Lohan for an eight-part documentary series, which will air in 2014.

  Photo of Lindsay Lohan by PR Photos