Peter Reckell

BREAKING NEWS: Jay Kenneth Johnson BACK ON DAYS? Peter and Kristian Accept MASSIVE PAY CUTS?

This just in. A source close to the set of Days of Our Lives says news of Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) leaving the sudser has proven premature.

"Jay is back!" says the source. "It was all just a stupid misunderstanding."

The source also reveals Peter Reckell (Bo) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) agreed to take massive pay cuts.

"And good for them!" says the source. "It says a lot about Peter and Kristian for them to do that. It says that they are team players and want the show to succeed."

Even more top tier Days actors are being asked to take substantial cuts as well. Keep checking back to Daytime Confidential as this story develops.

DAYS Video Preview

Melanie (Molly Burnett) confronts Nick (Blake Berris) with the truth in this NBC Video Preview for this week's episodes of Days of Our Lives. It then shows a struggle between the two of them and Melanie gets 'bumped' over the balcony as Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) bust into the motel room.

I tell you, I'd be more inclined to watch if I thought Melanie was being killed off. What about you?

Will you be tuning in?

Days of Our Lives: Anniversary Tribute


November 8 marked 43 years of Days of Our Lives on our screens. I know lately we have been less than satisfied at what the show has had to offer, but to celebrate the rich history of the show, I felt the need to take a trip back down memory lane. Soaps have that effect on people. You get carried away to a place filled with fantasy and nostalgia - after all this is where it all began soaps. We hope one day our favourite shows will return to the landmark it once used to be. Big Sigh.

There are so many characters in this clip, too many to mention, but it's actually worth the 9 or so minutes. The scary thing about this, at the halfway mark, you actually begin to think of your age. I know I did anyway - a frightful experience. Ok, so I've just turned 30, but why in God's name can I remember things like Kimberly giving birth to Andrew in a stable just like it was yesterday. See, that's nostalgia for you. READ MORE

Days of Our Lives: Sexist Much?

So let me get this straight...Hope (Kristian Alfonso) turned down the Salem Police Commissioner position because it "wouldn't be fair to Bo and Ciara." But then Bo (Peter Reckell) turns right around and decides to pursue the position? I know Mad Men is all the rage right now, but when did the rest of television revert to the 1960's?

Is it "fair" to Hope and Ciara that Bo will have to spend "so much time" away from them as opposed to Hope? Why does Hope having a uterus mean she should be the one to sacrifice her career for home and family? Are we not living in a time when a woman just may soon be one of the leaders of the free world?

It would be so refreshing for the people in charge of this genre to realize that women are its target demographic. Women, who in an attempt to "have it all", have had to turn into Super Women since the Women's Movement, women who go out in droves to watch sexy, power women like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, not Bruce Willis blow things up. READ MORE

Days of Our Lives: Flashback! "Gina" is Hope!

Oh my gosh!  So I couldn't resist.  After listening to DC #297: Top 5 Storylines We Will Always Remember, I had to go find some of the Days of Our Lives storylines that were mentioned, specifically, the scenes where "Gina" (Kristian Alfonso) realizes she is really Hope.  Boy am I glad I did!  For those who haven't watched the scenes, may I present it below for your viewing pleasure? 

The clip is from 1995 and also involves the following characters: Alice Horton (Frances Reid), Bo Brady (Peter Reckell), Caroline Brady (Peggy McCay), Shawn Brady Sr. (Frank Parker), Billie Reed (Lisa Rinna) and a young Shawn Douglas Brady (Collin O'Donnell).

I've just got one thing to say... Dang!  Why can't they write scenes like this anymore?

Days of Our Lives: Caroline Arrested for Trent's Murder

What's this?  Caroline Brady, mother of Salem PD's finest, owner occupier of The Brady Pub and respected member of the community... arrested for murder?  Unbelievable, right?  Sadly not.  In upcoming episodes on Days of Our Lives, Bo and Hope find Caroline standing over the murdered body of Trent Robbins, bloody knife in hand.  But did she do it, or is it simply a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Nevertheless, Trent is dead and someone is responsible - but who?  Surprise, surprise, there is a list of potential suspects.  Max, Melanie, Claude and Nicole immediately spring to mind, but lets not forget other contenders such as Jawn or Victor.  Since Caroline was found standing over Trent's body with the murder weapon, I guess we should at least consider her a possibility as well - although I grant you, it's highly unlikely.  Who else has a motive to kill Trent?

Anyone within a 5 mile radius of the Brady Pub lately would have heard both Max and Melanie verbally threaten to kill Trent over his pimping out of Melanie; then there's Claude the gambling man, who wants the money Trent owes him or else.  Nicole, sick and tired of Trent threatening and blackmailing her for money, wants him to leave her alone; Jawn is still green-eyed over Trent chatting up wife Marlena and I've thrown Victor in the mix, just because he blames Trent for his treatment of Nicole (and he made that dodgy phone call about Trent on Monday's episode).  Caroline?  I can't see her ever committing murder, but she's been pretty adamant in her dislike of Max's biological father.

What do you think?  Who do you think will be/is Trent's killer?