Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan Tweets Desire to Be on The Good Wife

TV personality Piers Morgan was right there along with all the other The Good Wife fans, live-tweeting during it's stellar 100th episode.  He even got into a funny exchange with Josh Charles, who plays heartbroken and vindictive lawyer Will Gardener, over twitter. Does Morgan really want to appear on the CBS serial? See the cyber convo below!

@piersmorgan: Hate seeing you so sad and tearful @MrJoshCharles - anyone would think Spurs lost 0-6 last week. #TheGoodStrife

@MrJoshCharles: Ladies & Gents: Piers Morgan! “@piersmorgan: Hate seeing you so sad & tearful @MrJoshCharles - anyone would think Spurs lost 0-6 last week.”  

@piersmorgan: WHOOAAAA... @donnabrazile starring in #TheGoodWife - so jealous, and she was so good too. When do I get my shot @MrJoshCharles ?

@MrJoshCharles: @piersmorgan @donnabrazile Piers, the word is you're incredibly difficult to work with and talk way too much about cricket on set.

@piersmorgan: @MrJoshCharles @donnabrazile all true! READ MORE

Long-Running British Soap Opera Coronation Street Airing on Hulu and Hulu Plus


Anglophiles who are fans of the wildly popular British soap Coronation Street can finally get their “Corrie” fix online! Hulu has landed the exclusive rights to the world's longest-running soap, which has a huge following globally including celebs like, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Snoop Dogg and Piers Morgan.
When dishing about the soap, Hopkins said:

Life isn’t worth living if I miss an episode of Coronation Street.

Those who are Hulu and Hulu Plus subscribers will have instant access to 11 episodes from the current season, along with two bonus Christmas special episodes. Check out an exclusive peek after the jump! READ MORE

Regis Philbin to Fill in For Piers Morgan May 29

If you’ve missed seeing Regis Philbin on your TV screens each morning, you’re going to have a chance to see him behind an anchor's desk in primetime. Philbin will be the guest host of Piers Morgan Tonight on May 29. Reege's old friend David Letterman will be his guest, according to the show’s executive producer Jonathan Wald on Twitter.