Rebecca Budig

Rebecca Budig Meets 'Mother' April 27

In March Jamey first reported that Rebecca Budig (ex-Greenlee, All My Children) would be making a guest appearance on the hit CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother. Now Budig has revealed on her MySpace blog that the episode will air on April 27th.

Rebecca Budig Books Guest Gig on How I Met Your Mother

Fans hoping to get a chance to meet Rebecca Budig on this weekend's Rock the Soap Cruise are in for a bit of a let down. The recently-departed All My Children star couldn't make her hubby Bob Guiney's cruise because she landed a guest gig on the hit CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother, according to cruise-side sources.

"Rebecca feels bad about missing the cruise, but this is a great gig for her," says the source.

Budig will reportedly be playing a love interest for the show's lead character.

A Short Drop Off A Long Cliff

The demise of Greenlee "The Wedding Bride Biker Chick" Smythe (Rebecca Budig) on All My Children has inspired some great reaction from Fancast's Sara Bibel and Serial Drama's Mallory. Be sure to check out both of their columns.

Sara Bibel: Literal Cliffhangers

Rebecca Budig told the show months ago that she planned to leave at the end of her contract. Yet her final scenes seemed like a silly attempt to land another clip from the show on The Soup. The shot of Greenlee, still in her wedding dress, riding a motorcycle over a cliff seemed like a parody of soap operas. It was also illogical.

Mallory at Serial Drama: Confrontations & Contrivance

In the wake of Greenlee diving off of a cliff, I am left with several questions (Much like the latest non-sweeps non-crisis on General Hospital has me so confused that I can't finish a question without interrupting myself with a new one, I spend most of AMC boggled. What does it say about me that I can't follow soap opera plots? Nothing good, that's for sure):

Why, when the writers need to write someone in Greenlee's circle off the show do they automatically think FALL OFF OF A CLIFF? Leo, Vanessa, Ryan (regrettably, that one didn't take) and now Greenlee herself. It's bizarre, lazy, unrealistic and...yeah, completely up AMC's alley.



Rebecca Budig: "No Soap For You"

No need to start any Wishful Castings about Rebecca Budig heading to any CBS or NBC soaps, at least not for a while. Sources say Budig's "Get Out of Pine Valley Free At The One Year Mark" contract with All My Children included a non-compete clause. Since Budig decided to exercise her out at the year-mark, she is reportedly prohibited from taking any other non-ABC soap roles. No word yet on the length of the restriction.


Has Anybody Seen Greenlee's Legs?

In her exit interview with Soap Opera Digest (on newstands now), Rebecca Budig shares that she felt something was missing during her second stint as All My Children's Greenlee Smythe.

I felt like the character was sort of lost; at least I couldn't really find her legs again."

I hate it when that happens. When I wake up and someone has moved one of my legs in the middle of the night it makes me want to act a PLUM fool! Budig goes on to tell the magazine that whenever she shared scenes with La Lucci—like yesterday's hilarious catfight where sixtysomething Erica Kane WHUPPED Greenlee's ass—she managed to find those pesky legs. Godspeed Becky, may you and your gams find much success back out in SoCal!

Will Greenlee Reunite With Soap Heaven?!

All My Kids has finally figured out how they are going to write off the popular character of Greenlee Smythe (Rebecca Budig). Remember when I teased you with this blind item?

The upcoming exit of a popular soap character and the actress who plays her could result in a.) the character's iconic former love returning to escort her off the canvas. b.) the character being presumed dead in a very deja vu manner or c.) the character being killed off for real.

Well, it appears they're going with option b. TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco is reporting that AMC may have Greenlee die by falling off the very same cliff her one and only love Leo Dupres (Josh Duhamel) fell from all those years ago. Somebody has got to tell these soap divas to stay away from cliffs.