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CONFIRMED: Rebecca Herbst OUT At General Hospital!

ABC Soaps In Depth has comfirmed what our Jamey Giddens reported earlier on, Rebecca Herbst is exiting General Hospital. The magazine stated via Twitter:

Statement from ABC: "Storyline dictates the exit of Elizabeth Webber this spring. The next few months promise to be 'not-to-miss" story for the character. We at ABC and GH wish Rebecca Herbst nothing but the best in her future endeavors," continues ABC statement.  Again, ABC IS confirming that Rebecca Herbst (Liz) will exit GH this spring in a "storyline-dictated" move. READ MORE

RUMOR REPORT: Rebecca Herbst FIRED From General Hospital?!

What is going on in daytime? First news broke of Jay Kenneth Johnson and Shelly Hennig leaving Days of Our Lives. Then word began circulating that Babs Bloom was out at CBS Daytime, now we're hearing the unthinkable—Rebecca Herbst (Liz) has allegedly been fired from General Hospital! Numerous sources say the insanely popular star was told she will be written out of the soap this March. Un-FREAKING-Believable... 

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Rebecca Herbst Back from Maternity Leave at GH!

Look for Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) to be back on our screens in mid-October, according to Soap Opera Weekly. The popular General Hospital veteran returned from maternity leave on Sept. 16, after having given birth to son Emerson Truett Saucedo on Aug. 9. This is Herbst's 3rd child with former GH costar Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan). Wishful Storytelling: Wouldn't it be great if once Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) learns Jake is Jason's son she starts pushing Liz and Super Jase (Steve Burton) back together? Now that would get the ratings up—not to mention Jason's shirt off!

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

You go after my husband and then “kidnap” my kid… hell yeah, I’m going to threaten to end your life. Do I mean it literally? Most likely not. Apparently, Lisa Niles takes it seriously enough to report Robin to Lucky. Gee Lisa, when you took Emma without Robin or Patrick’s permission, they waited on calling the Police, but when it comes to a rightfully angered wife and mother, you go a tattle telling. Give me a break. Dr. Niles feels her life is in danger, especially when she finds her locker in shambles and convered in blood. Karma, Lisa – it's karma and it’s biting you right in the butt. Of course, Lisa is pointing fingers in Robin’s direction for the trashed locker. Could it be that Dr. Niles needs a doctor of her own to settle whatever is going wrong in that head of hers? READ MORE

Could Genie Francis be Spending Her Summer in Port Charles?

General Hospital head writer Bob Guza is at it again. The scribe is talking about the possible return of fan favorite Genie Francis (Laura Spencer). According to published reports, Guza feels the groundwork has been set for Francis to return this summer if ABC and the actress can strike a deal. He also reveals that currently negotiations are not in progress. READ MORE

Imagine a Life After the Mob for Sonny on GH

Stephen Seidel from We Love Soaps TV went on the set of General Hospital and spoke with some of your favorite GH stars, including Maurice Benard. When Seidel asks if Sonny can ever get out of the mob I was reminded of the Reba McEntire's "Is There Life Out There" because let's face it, there's a whole lot of stuff Sonny hasn't done that doesn't involve the mob. Sonny Corinthos for Governor! GH fans who speculate about Sonny and Jason's (Steve Burton) relationship might also want to watch the clip.

Seidel also chats with Nancy Lee GrahnLexi Ainsworth, Jonathan Jackson, Rebecca HerbstDominic Zamprogna and Julie Marie Berman.