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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

The performer of the day has got to be Aaron Refvem (Morgan). He started in on Carly about what’s wrong with their family, asked why it keeps falling apart, why everyone quits, and when he started crying, it just broke my heart. Then he said the line about Jax being with his real child and I felt even worse. Michael doesn’t like Jax, so he won’t care if Jax breaks up with Carly. Jocelyn is too young to know what’s going on, but Morgan is stuck in the middle. He's Sonny’s son, but he has been raised primarily by Jax and we can see they have a pretty strong relationship. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

We can finally call him Dante! From now on, in this blog, he will only be called Dante despite my preference to the name Dominic. What’s Dante to do now that he has a daddy and a mommy who has been lying to him all these years? Well as I’ve mentioned here and on the Podcast, he’ll cover for the bullet to the chest and when it comes to his parental units, he’s not happy with either one of them. But let’s revisit the bullet to the chest. Dante knows that as a cop and an undercover one to boot, it’s one of the risks you take. Not to mention the mobly aspects of his undercover work. But what has Dante more upset? The fact that he let the good part of Sonny Corinthos under his skin. The good part? We GH fans know that Guza loves his mobsters with a heart of gold and Sonny Corinthos has been his poster boy for years. Dante may not like what daddy does for a living and how he goes about his business but he can’t deny that he’s witnessed him in action as a father and that he’s not half bad. Really Dante? Are we watching the same father in action? READ MORE

General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

I still love Lante and how she went back and told him she would be with him when the fallout happens. If they get interrupted again, I'm going to have to hurt someone!

I love the Luke and Lucky moments, although Luke offering to kill someone for Lucky was a bit much. Plus, I'm pretty sure he meant Nikolas and not Elizabeth. I also love the Luke and Tracy moments. They work very well as a couple when they're on the same side. 

I loved the Lucky and Ethan scene, and the fact that Ethan reached out to him and offered help. Although I thought it was odd that in the scene with Tracy, Ethan was mopey and had a dad loves Lucky more type of attitude. What exactly did he expect Luke to do? Ignore the fact that Lucky's life has fallen apart and continue to be cute with Ethan? READ MORE

General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

Ok, so I was wrong. Last week, I said one of the episodes was the one that Jonathan Jackson should submit for his Emmy. Clearly, today's episode should be the one he submits and wins.

Talk about raw passion and emotion. It was all there. Anger, sadness, heartbreak and disappointment. I also think Rebecca Herbst did a bang up job. The fear, the desperation and the lies to try to save her hide.

By contrast, Tyler Christopher spent the episode looking like he was mentally reading the ingredients on a bottle of ketchup, except for a brief moment when he had a line of water coming down his face. It was as if suddenly the make up department realized that he needed to look invested and pulled out the bottle of Visine. READ MORE

Jonathan Jackson Burns Down Port Charles

"You're maudlin and full of self-pity. You're magnificent." — Addison DeWitt, All About Eve, 1950

Jonathan Jackson is an arsonist.

How else can one describe the blazing inferno the actor set off on today's episode of General Hospital where Lucky (Jackson) directly confronted his lifelong love Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and his brother Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) about sleeping with each other behind his back?

Jackson elevated his performance to epic proportions that might as well have been from the stage of a Greek tragedy, Tennessee Williams or August Wilson play in this episode. It wasn't just good; it was electrifying. After Monday's performance, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences should just put an Emmy for Jackson on layaway and call it a wrap.

From the moment Lucky caught Liz and Nik doing the funky chicken in flagrante delicto, GH's writers and Jackson ratcheted up the tension with a high wire act of jangling nerves, a virtual cat on a hot tin roof. Alone, Lucky was a hot mess, trashing the house he had shared with Elizabeth (formerly the home of his parents, Luke and Laura), oddly confiding both police secrets about the investigation into Claudia's death and his own emotional turmoil to Jason (Steve Burton), and generally was a emotional wreck, careening  all over the place like a pinball. READ MORE

GH's Rebecca Herbst Pregnant

ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting General Hospital star Rebecca Herbst and husband Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan) are adding another member to their family. The couple are expecting baby number three. No word on if  Herbst's pregnancy will be written into the show.