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Rebecca Herbst Thanks Fans For Wishes and Prayers

In a statement to ABC Soaps in Depth, General Hospital’s Rebecca Herbst thanks fans for their “well wishes and prayers,” as she recovers from viral meningitis.  The illness hasn’t damped Herbst’s humor. She tells In Depth,  “I do, however, have to admit being disappointed with my alter ego's failure to correctly diagnose my illness... back to nursing school for Nurse Webber!"  Read the entire message at ABC Soaps in Depth

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Ex-DAYS Star Martha Madison To Sub For Rebecca Herbst On GH


ABC Soaps in Depth
reporting Days of Our Lives alum and The Bay star Martha Madison is stepping in temporarily for Rebecca Herbst on General Hospital. According to the magazine, Herbst has viral meningitis, and Madison will replace her for about two weeks while she recovers.

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General Hospital's Ingo Rademacher: "Where Are My Scenes With Elizabeth?"

Ingo Rademacher (Jax) is continuing to state the painfully obvious about the storytelling for his popular character on General Hospital. In an interview with ABC Soaps In Depth, Rademacher not only clarifies that he is still on contract, but ponders why Jax has been MIA for much of the beats of the Josslyn/Jake storyline.

"Where were my scenes with Elizabeth?" he wonders. "When we had the surrogate storyline [where Liz carried Jax and Courtney's child], we had great scenes together. Her baby died; his lived. They should have had a scene." READ MORE

General Hospital's Steve Burton on Liason: "We'll Always Have a Connection"

It looks like actors are as hard to train as fans. In an interview with Fancast's Sara Bibel about Jake's death,  General Hospital's Steve Burton (Jason) fields the question all Liason fans are dying to know the answer to:

What would you say to Liz and Jason fans who see this storyline as the show’s attempt to sever all ties between the characters?

Let’s be thankful first that Becky [Herbst’s] back on the show. I’m so happy they decided to keep her. I think they’re always going to cross paths. Obviously, they have a connection with Jake whether he’s here or not here. We’ll always have a connection. There’s not much they can do about that part. READ MORE

Regan Reax: Jake's Hit And Run, Day Three

The SLAP heard around Port Charles! I jumped when Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) smacked Jason (Steve Burton) across the face. My long awaited Jason-Liz scene was a little too short, but boy-oh-boy at least it came with a bang and few long over-due digs.

See, this is where my Liason fan-girl will come out. While many feel it was Elizabeth who pushed Jason out of Jake’s life, I always felt that Jason never fought for his son or Elizabeth. I readily agree that when it comes to Jason’s life, Sam (Kelly Monaco) is more accepting, but the night Michael took a bullet to the brain, both Jason and Elizabeth had decided to marry and be a family. It was Jason who then retreated after what happened to Michael proved that his life was too dangerous for children. So when Jason asked a grieving Elizabeth to donate Jake’s kidney to Josslyn, I had no problem with her throwing his choices back in his face. I would have added a dig about always picking Carly (Laura Wright) too. I do recognize that Liz made choices as well that kept them apart, but  I have always felt that if Jason wanted to be a father to his son, he would have fought for it.

I found Elizabeth’s reaction to Jason’s request to be completely authentic. She is a mother who is grieving and not ready to let her son go. She’s also a nurse, but when your heart is trying to process the unthinkable, your knowledge goes right out the window. Elizabeth was reeling from the loss of her son, she wasn’t thinking rationally, she was responding emotionally.

Regan Reax: Tyler Christopher's Ouster From General Hospital

When the news broke that Tyler Christopher was handed his pink slip at General Hospital, my immediate reaction was not one of shock. Once confirmed and the dust settled, I thought about what it all really meant for GH and the canvas surrounding Christopher’s character Nikolas Cassadine. Of course my second thought was that our own Luke Kerr was crying over one of the last Cassadines left leaving Port Charles. Is that the problem? Nikolas being our only real connection to the iconic Cassadines? With no story for the Cassadine family, is there a reason to keep the main connection to them?

I know, I know, he’s Laura Spencer’s (Genie Francis) son and what I’m about to say next may shock some of you. Should GH hold onto a character that is seemingly going nowhere based on a hope that IF Francis and ABC were to strike a deal, the onscreen mother and son could share a handful of scenes? Shocking, coming from me, who values the connections to characters' pasts, but it’s not Nikolas’ familial ties that I am struggling with. It’s the obvious lack of direction for this character and the Cassadines that seems to be plaguing the writer’s table. Yes, we still have Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and her girls, but the longing that Sam (Kelly Monaco) fans have had for her to explore her Cassadine roots have fallen on deaf ears.