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B&B Catch Up: Hope In Peril; Nick Goes Columbo; Taylor Gets Fresh

After fantasizing about being ravished by Ridge, Taylor decided it was time to move on. She told Ridge to stop calling her “Doc” because it got her all horny. Stephanie didn’t help by telling her not give up on Ridge. On a roll, Stephanie cornered Whip and let him know that Taylor and Ridge would always have feelings for each other. The meddling old bat then paid a visit to Ridge to say that Taylor might soon drop her drawers for the Whipster. The crazy lady is obsessed. Undeterred, Whip presented Taylor with a specially commissioned frock from doctor-turned-designer Bridget. For some reason, he did this in Stephanie’s office, where he’d also set out a meal for the two of them. Weird. READ MORE

B&B Catch Up: Dear Amelia Heinle, Take Notes, This Is How You Do It!

Last week's B&B shenanigans started with Brooke confronting Steffy the strumpet, warning her not to get fresh with Bill again. Things simmered down pretty quickly. They came to an agreement, hugged, and were relieved further drama had been averted. Little did they know, Katie had already found out.

Katie channelled her inner Victoria Newman and gave bratty Steffy a major slap-down at Forrester Creations. Following Bill’s confession that Steffy had planted not one, but two smooches on him, Katie took things into her own hands. She fired the little weasel and tore her to shreds, saying that Steffy was only interested in taking Bill from Katie to avenge Forrester Creations being taken away from the Forresters.

Steffy licked her wounds and confessed her misdeeds to her brother Thomas. She blurted that she wanted “[Katie] to hurt like we hurt!” Thomas didn’t think that her feelings were healthy. I guess car bombs are more his style. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 10.01.09

What a way to kick off October! James Franco as the newest PC resident, Sarah Brown leaves GH for B&B and Jonathan Jackson is returning as Lucky Spencer. My head hurts from spinning and my jaw hurts from hitting my desk too much this week. One thing every soap fan knows, anything can happen. READ MORE

Sarah Brown Joins The Bold and the Beautiful

Forget those dreams of Sarah Brown becoming Victoria Newman on The Young and the Restless. The Associated Press is reporting Brown has signed a two-year contract with The Bold and the Beautiful, and will be joining the cast as Sandy Sommers, a character who will mix it up with Nick, Bridget and Whip. Could this have been the role Brad Bell wanted for Gina Tognoni? Interestingly, the character of Whip is portrayed by Brown's former General Hospital leading man Rick Hearst.

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Last Week's B&B: Mud Wrestling Ladies And An Evil Twin!

Is it misogynistic to have Taylor and Brooke mud wrestling over waffling Ridge? Yes. Is it entertaining, and is B&B getting a hell of a lot better? Oh yes! It made me laugh. Normally, I just bang my head against the nearest hard surface until I forget all about Rick and Ridge’s rooftop brawls, Steffy and Rick’s insipid romance, and Donna’s honey-drenched bazongas up in Honey Bear’s face. The writers have been putting things right for a while now, and it seems like they’re finally onto a winning streak. READ MORE

Who Should Jackie M Choose on B&B?

General Hospital may have wasted Rick Hearst, but The Bold and the Beautiful isn't. His character Whip has already been thrown into a triangle with Jackie M. and Owen Knight. Considering the popularity of both actors portraying Jackie's love interests, it will be interesting to see who wins out in the end.

Who do you want Jackie with?