Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield Talks Teen Suicide on The View

Rocker and ex-General Hospital star Rick Springfield dropped in on The View to talk about his new book, Late, Late at Night, which is now available in book stores. During the visit, he recounts how he attempted suicide as a young person and encourages today’s kids considering suicide to “give it a moment or six weeks, because nothing remains the same.” Watch The View’s interview with Rick Springfield after the jump.


Rick Springfield on Possible GH Return: "Nothing is Planned"

Actor and rocker Rick Springfield visits with Melissa Parker at Our Prattville about his concert tour and Californication. Springfield is also asked if he could be returning to General Hospital.

Melissa Parker: Will Eli Love or Noah Drake be back on General Hospital anytime soon?

Rick Springfield: No, kind of with the advent of stuff happening now like the whole Californication thing I’m focusing more there. I went back to General Hospital for a little bit and it was fun for a while but nothing is planned there for the immediate future.

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Rick Springfield Guests On Oprah Tomorrow

Rick Springfield
drops by Oprah tomorrow to make a guest's dreams come true. The episode in which the actor/singer appears features interior designer Nate Berkus participating in a makeover for a high school reunion. Later on in the show, the lucky viewer has a treat in store when Springfield belts out his classic 80's hit "Jessie's Girl" as part of her surprise. I wonder if he'll mention GH tomorrow.

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Rick Springfield Says "Was a Thrill" To Play "Jessie's Girl"

In the 35th anniversary edition of People magazine, singer/actor Rick Springfield chats with American Idol winner, David Archuleta on the realization of being a pop superstar.
What was the moment like when you first realized that you were a musical idol?

Springfield: My first thrill was playing "Jessie's Girl" live and hearing the audience react. It was at a Beach Boys show on the Fourth of July. It was wonderful. The audience started cheering as soon as we played the riff.

Archuleta: For me, the thrill is just that people actually like it. It's neat to see people react to your songs the same way that you would react to someone else's songs.

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Rick Springfield Cast in "Californication"

General Hospital 
alum Rick Srpingfield (Noah Drake) has been tapped to star in the Showtime original series, Californication. According to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, the actor/singer has signed on to star in four episodes. The role calls for Springfield to play himself, but with a slight twist. 

Springfield will play an former 80's heartthrob, whose career has fizzled out, and is now working as a waiter. Get ready to take out your heart meds Noah Drake lovers, because Springfield has agreed to showing 'tasteful nudity" for the cable drama's love scenes. No word yet on when the episodes will air.  

The Doctors Drake?

The latest SPOILERS have all said Dr. Matt Hunter (Jason Cook) is actually Dr. Noah Drake's (Rick Springfield) son.  What' s not clear is, did Noah know he had another child or did the self proclaimed dead beat dad walk away from his youngest son?

After the Clinic goes BOOM, with Matt and Nadine in it, Matt is taken to GH for treatment.  Is the above a glimpse of the big reveal?  I'm not 100% sure as to when the news of Matt's real identity is revealed but I am a fan of this storyline.  It ties Patrick's (Jason Thompson) fears of turning out like his father to his impending fatherhood, and it ties Matt Hunter to the canvas without forcing a Matt and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) pairing down our throats.  My biggest fear since Jason Cook joined the cast was that TPTB would try too hard to recreate the magic Kirsten and Jason had at Days of our Lives, and that the pairing would fail with Jason hanging in limbo.  Now, by attaching him to a legacy character like Noah and one of General Hospital's hottest stars (Thompson) it gives the character more to stand on then an old pairing from another soap. 

They have certainly laid the groundwork for this storyline.  The would-be brothers, Matt and Patrick, have already had a few disagreements. 

Are fans happy with this storyline direction?