Robert Newman

Bill and Lizzie's Wedding Day Begins

Bill and Lizzie's wedding day isn't starting off the best on Guiding Light. Josh–the minister–is in Florida and now they must find another minister to preside over the ceremony.  I am really looking forward to this wedding. I only hope that Guiding Light. does it justice.

Will Josh and Reva "Always" Have Oakdale?

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco posted his Suds Report a little early this week because of Independence Day. One juicy bit from the online column  has As The World Turns brass interested in absorbing one of Guiding Light's most iconic couples.

Word from Brooklyn is that World Turns wants Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman to crossover their popular super-couple pairing, Reva and Josh, to their show. That sound you hear? Me screaming, “Run, Kim and Robert, run!”

Hmm, wonder if all powers concerned will allow one of daytime's favorite couples to finally reunite on this show?

THIS is why SOAPnet Should Do a Santa Barbara TV Movie! (VIDEO)

I got so excited reminiscing about Santa Barbara,  television's best soap opera EVER, on Twitter that I decided to share these soaptastic clips here on DC. They are from SB's infamous Aqua Land remote, where the dastardly Kirk Cranston (Robert Newman) planned to finally do away with our starcrossed lovers Cruz Castillo (A Martinez) and Eden Capwell (Marcy Walker) once and for all! For fans who have only seen Newman as the heroic, straight-laced Josh Lewis on Guiding Light, seeing him as Eden's psychotic ex might be a bit of a shock. I say it's high time SOAPnet assembled 10-15 of Santa Barbara's key players, and produced a splashy two-part miniseries! Thanks Katieeee9999 for the MVIDs. READ MORE

Paley Center Says Goodbye to Guiding Light

The End of an Era.  On August 19, 2009 The Paley Center for Media will be hosting an event to say goodbye to broadcasting's longest running program, Guiding Light. Attending the evening, will be GL executive producer Ellen Wheeler, head writer Jill Lorie Hurst, and actors Kim Zimmer, Robert Newman and Grant Aleksander, with other panelists to be announced. A clip from the finale will be shown as part of the planned activities. For more information visit the Paley Center online here. Thanks Daisy Clover for the tip!

Murders Most Foul

Hot on the heels of my admittedly scathing review of Friday's ultra-campy, Scooby Doo meets The Munsters inspired episode of All My Children which culminated in the murder of Stuart (Not Adam) Chandler, I finally had the opportunity to catch up with Guiding Light, which had its own less heralded "Who Killed Edmund Winslow?" whodunit kick off.

Since I received a little bit of blow back for my harsh (and well-deserved) criticism of AMC, I'd like to take the opportunity to explain why Springfield's simultaneous murder mystery is infinitely superior to Pine Valley's. READ MORE

TeleNext Speaks Out on Guiding Light's Future Options

For weeks now, we at Daytime Confidential have caught flack and been accused of spreading "rumors" concerning Guiding Light's alleged talks with such cable channels as Lifetime and Oxygen. Lifetime reps have been denying talks to readers who visit their site, meanwhile sources have maintained to our Melodie Aikels, and myself that talks are in fact taking place. This past weekend, news broke that GL leading man Robert Newman mentioned the alleged talks with Lifetime at a GL fan event in Pittsburgh (with an "h"), and also mentioned he had heard similar discussions with TV Land were taking place. Today, TeleNext representatives emailed Daytime Confidential the following statement from Brian T. Cahill, Senior Vice-President of TeleNext  Media, Inc.

We continue to explore all our options to find a new home for Guiding Light. At this point, we are not able to comment or speculate about any potential partnerships. Our conversations are ongoing and, in the interest of keeping them moving forward, we cannot offer any additional perspective. We will certainly communicate broadly if and when a decision is made about the future of the show. We thank all our loyal fans for their continued outpouring of support.” READ MORE