Robin Christopher

Robin Christopher Returning to All My Children?

Never has reporting something on this blog been so bitter sweet or felt like a double edged sword as this does. For years I've dreamt of Robin Christopher returning to All My Children. Having Skye return to her roots and shake up Pine Valley is/was right up there on my wish list with having Rebecca Budig returning to All My Children and having Louise Sorel return to Days of Our Lives.

Never, not even in my worst nightmares, did the possibility that Skye's return might coincide with the possible death of Myrtle Fargate cross my mind. However, according to Nelson Branco's latest Suds Report that just may be what happens.

Talk about taking the fun out of what could potentially be an awesome return.

Would you like to see Skye Chandler back in Pine Valley with Lorenzo Alcazar?

I am taking a page from Jay by putting out my wishful casting list for AMC.  While we have all seen the rumors around the net that Skye Chandler could be popping back up in Pine Valley with her daughter Lila Rae in tow, how cool would it be to see her help take the reigns over Chandler Enterprises?  This would be a perfect opportunity for her to go at with her little brother JR and the chemistry between Jacob Young and Robin Christopher would be electric! Not in an romantic way, get your minds out of the gutter people!!!! May I remind you of the Inappropriate Chemistry mind our own Luke has from time to time? Back to the subject at hand, Skye coming back could mean her getting into it with Krystal and Babe for the all problems the Carey women have caused her dad and brother plus, it could mean that they could explore a relationship with Tad as well. If it's true that Thorsten Kaye, Melissa Claire Egan and Aiden Turner could be leaving the show, although not confirmed just a RUMOR, I say TPTB go knock on Ms. Christopher's door she might just call Ted King to join her!!!!

Which brings me to another possibility, our boy Alcazar was not seen in Port Chuckles since he faced Jason, who's to say Skye didn't save him and they met up in South America wherein he is the one on the other line with Uncle Rob trying to find Frankie's stuffed elephant? The possibilities are endless if these two show in Pine Valley.

What do you think?


AMC grad to star opposite Flava Flav in My Network TV sitcom

What did she possibly do to deserve this?

All My Children alum and Heather Tom-lookalike Carrie Genzel has been cast opposite rapper-turned-reality TV lothario Flava Flav ( of  VH1's sadly popular televised trainwreck Flavor of Love) in a My Network TV sitcom set to premiere this April.

In the sitcom entitled Under One Roof, Flav will play an ex-con who comes to live with his wealthy brother (Kelly Perine) who is in an interracial marriage with a snotty socialite played by Genzel. 

For those of you who may not remember Genzel, she played Skye Chandler during the evil Dr. Jonathan Kinder (Michael Sabatino) storyline which saw Adam (David Canary)'s daughter bond with Erica (Susan Lucci) and Janet Green (Robin Mattson) to bury the wicked doctor alive! Genzel's Skye was also obsessed with Edmund Grey (John Callahan) and therefore despised his then cheating wife Dr. Maria Santos (Eva La Rue).
While long term AMC fans never really warmed to Genzel in the role (to them Robin Christopher was and still is the only Skye), as a newee viewer to the show, I enjoyed Genzel's take Skye, especially her friendship with Erica and Janet and her rivalry with Hayley (Kelly Ripa).

I have rooted for Genzel several times when the role of Victoria Newman has come up for grabs over at Y&R. Genzel's name always seems to be mentioned, due to her striking resemblance to Heather Tom and the fact that she isn't a half bad actress, but for some reason, when recasting Victoria, they always go with actresses who look nothing like Tom nor possess her bite or range, no offense to Amelia Henlie.

 Hopefully Genzel's reputation survives being attached to Flav and My Network TV, which has basically been known up until this point for those ridiculous Americanized telenovelas!

General Hospital Blooper

Ok, you have to check this General Hospital Blooper. I'm pretty sure its Greg Vaughn who does battle with the door.

Thanks to Matt for the heads up!