Ronn Moss

The Bold and the Beautiful's 19 Trips To The Altar

In honor of The Bold and the Beautiful's 22nd anniversary Entertainment Weekly has a new list "19 Trips To The Altar." I missed the September 2003 wedding of Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge (Ronn Moss) where they look like they just ran off the stage of Broadway's Lion King, but that is my choice just because of the attire. Oh, and what is up will all the white suites?

Which of the 19 trips to the altar was your favorite?

Who Torched Rick's House And Blew Up His Car?

In amongst all the Steffy/Rick and Brooke/Ridge angst on last week’s The Bold and the Beautiful, there was a ray of light: the Fabulous Baker Boys returned. Hot dog gobbling Lt. Baker (Dan Martin) and his son Det. Charlie Baker (Mykel Shannon Jenkins) were back investigating yet another Forrester-related crime.

First, someone tried to burn down Rick's beach house, then on Friday someone blew up his car. Vote below - who do you think is responsible? Of course, there's always the chance it could be a background character like Jake, Madison (an old friend of Phoebe now working at Forrester), or the soon-to-be-seen Rocco Carner (it's rumored that he's been working at Forrester International and could therefore have ties to Rick).

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