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Rosie Live Promo

Here's the latest promo for tomorrow's premiere of Rosie Live... Thoughts?

Remarks That Finally Set Babs Walters Off

Now like every other fan of The View , I too was left scratching my head as to what set off  Barbara Walters to check the former co-hosts of her show. Being curious, I decided to find out the root of all evil as my people say, that put the bitch-slapping of today's show in motion.

While the former View co-host  Rosie O'Donnell was out promoting her new variety show yesterday, Rosie Live which airs  Thanksgiving eve on NBC. O'Donnell had a reality check for those fans of the popular ABC gab fest that truly believe everything is all fine and dandy once the cameras stopped rolling.

According to O'Donnell,

Barbara wanted everyone to believe and think and act as if [the women on 'The View'] get along and are really good friends and happy and hang out together, and, you know, that's just not the reality.

I'm not saying they loathe each other, but the fact of the matter is there was not a lot of camaraderie off camera.

O'Donnell's comment combined with another ousted View member Star Jones remarks about her former colleagues in the latest Essence magazine READ MORE

Rosie Reacts to Barbara's Resentment

I have to say I'm a little bit shocked. This isn't quite the reaction I expected out of Rosie after Barbara ripped her on The View today.

Barbara Walters "Resents" Ex Co-Hosts Dumping on The View

Barbara Walters came out swinging in her oh-so-polite away saying that she "resents" a couple ex co-hosts dumping on The View for their own publicity.

Translation: The political season is over, what better way to keep ratings at all time highs than to take on the big R and big S again?

"Rosie Live" Promo