Sabine Singh

Sabine Singh Lands in Llanview

Sabine Singh (ex-Greenlee, AMC) is landing in Llanview this summer. According to a tweet from ABC Soaps in Depth, the actress who was ousted by ABC in favor of the “real” Greenlee, Rebecca Budig, Singh will play a character named Wendy.

Aww Damn! Someone Jacked Susan Lucci's Emmy!

Now before you break out the hounds to hunt that sucker down, relax. The View's Sherri Shepherd along with co-excutive producer Bill Geddie and Susan Lucci took part in a segment to tie in with All My Children's move and a special episode of the talk show centered around the suder. LOVE Lucci at the 1:17 mark saying she'll "cut a bitch!" Maybe Erica can say that to Greenlee when she hits town?


LIVE BLOGGING: Emmy Nominations

Hey all! It's Emmy Nomination morning and I'm coming to you as "live" as I can with up to the minute updates from today's Emmy Nominations. If you are watching the Emmy's as they are announced on The View you can comment on this thread to share your thoughts.

We'll see how this goes so thanks in advance for being patient with me!


9am: It's 9am central and we only have 60 minutes more to wait before the 35th Annual Emmy Nominations are announced LIVE on The View.

9:15am: While you're waiting enjoy this great clip of All My Children's Susan Lucci finally winning her Emmy.

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All My Children: Aidan Devane In Mission Impossible

A Cambias scorned. Sott-spoken private eye Aidan Devane (Aiden Turner) better be ready for some gnarly office politics when he goes to work at Cambias next week on All My Children. Spoilers indicate Aidan will be shocked to learn his first assignment has him headed off to the war-torn Sudan to rescue a mystery hostage. What, he doesn't read Daytime

Aidan is hand picked for this risky assignment by Zach (Thorsten Kaye) who is secretly fuming over Devane's coital comfort of Zach's wife Kendall (Alicia Minshew), while Zach and Aidan's lady love Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) were missing in action. Geesh, couldn't he have just taken the guy on Springer and confronted him?

As previously spoiled, this storyline is to facilitate the introduction of Ricky Paull Goldin to the AMC canvas as Dr. Joey "Jake" Martin. How much are you willing to bet that Jake will pay Aidan back by bedding his girl Greenlee sometime in the near future? I'm just glad to see Aiden Turner front and center. I know a lot of soap critics aren't impressed with the actor or his character but I've always thought Aidan would be a great super hero if paired with the right leading lady. Unfortunately the closest thing we've ever had to that was his promising pairing with Sabine Singh's version of Greenlee Smythe. Not that I blame ABC one bit for bringing back Budig, the actress who made the role famous, but her return was bittersweet. Hmmm, perhaps Anna's nephew could spin off to General Hospital and that show could bring Sabine on as Liz's older sister Sarah? Just a teeny bit of Wishful Casting.

Now That The Writers Strike Is Over, Which High Profile Returnee Will Jump Ship First?

It's no big secret that the Writers Strike and the lack of primetime and film work that resulted from it helped facilitate the return of several big names to daytime this year. All My Children managed to lure back Darnell Williams and Debbie Morgan as legendary 80's supercouple Jesse and Angie, as well as more recent fan fave Rebecca Budig who reprised her role as Greenlee Smythe.

Over at sister soap General Hospital, multiple Emmy winner Sarah Brown returned to the show, but not in her signature role of Carly Corinthos, instead she created the new role of Claudia Zacharra. Days of Our Lives managed to land another GH alum who also had played the role of Carly to huge success, Tamara Braun, who they brought on as unstable mafia princess Ava. Meanwhile Guiding Light somehow managed to convince the stellar Daniel Cosgrove to return as Bill Lewis, fresh from a stint on Dirty Sexy Money.

All of these returns received heavy PR and grabbed industry headlines, but except for a brief bump for Days, the ratings haven't budged. In fact as of last week, most soaps were hitting record lows. That isn't a slam on these talented daytime returnees. They were after all dealing with soaps that for the most part were already struggling pre-strike and were by this point being written by scab writers.

The return of Williams and Morgan was one of the best reunions in soap history and as gripping as Erica Kane on the run with Maria from West Side Story has been, the Jesse and Angie redux is the only real reason to watch AMC these days. Ditto for Cosgrove's romance with Marcy Rylan's Lizzie on Guiding Light. Budig's return as the "real" Greenlee caused major backlash from fans and of her talented replacement Sabine Singh, which of course wasn't Budig's fault, but the fact that the storyline they brought her back to play out was as asinine as the one that was going strong when she left didn't help matters.

Note to writers, doing a storyline where we have to re-live the lackluster Greenlee/Ryan/Kendall triangle isn't exactly a good plan for moving forward. Rumors are buzzing that several AMC leads are on their way out, could Budig be asking for a get out of Pine Valley free card? Or maybe Williams and Morgan are already growing wearing of carrying the whole show?

Unlike the "real" Greenlee marketing nightmare, General Hospital's campaign to promote Sarah Brown's return was liquid hot. They even managed to intrigue this jaded soap fan, despite my intense loathing for actors returning to their old soaps in new roles unrelated to their original roles.

Brown and Maurice Benard crackled with chemistry and heat in those ads with both mobsters claiming they wanted to "own Port Charles". But what we got on the show wasn't a bad ass mob mama who is an equal to Sonny, instead it was much more of the same, a shallow, emotionally unstable woman who is so caught up in her quest of getting another taste of Sonny's pesto sauce that she lets it control her every move. Wouldn't it be refreshing to, I don't know, have a woman arrive in Port Chuck who can resist the Dimpled One? I can't imagine Brown, who has had moderate success in prime time, is feeling stimulated by doing the same old "You Must Love Me" song and dance from Evita  with Sonny.

Tamara Braun looks like she's having a ball as cuckoo Ava on Days of Our Lives, but given that her very first storyline on the show had her killing off the Brady patriarch, I can't imagine there's much of a future for Ava in Salem. On the other hand the show has been known to keep even the most unhinged of villains around for years (Stefano, Vivian, Kristen). The show is definitely on an upswing creatively, so maybe Tams will stick around for the ride? What do you think? Who among the recent crop of high profile returnees do you see bolting for primetime or film first?

All My Children: Sabine Singh Speaks Out

AMC SuperPoster has an exclusive email from Sabine Singh's via her fanclub president. We've posted a quick excerpt but you'll want to check it out.

"This turn of events offered me the opportunity to see such beauty in people: I have wonderful friends. I have amazing fans. The cast and crew of All My Children are so unbelievably supportive" - Sabine Singh