Sarah Michelle Gellar

Twilight Sucks Up $35 million at Box Office

Big screen vampire opera Twilight really showed its fangs Friday earning $35.7 million dollars.  Based on the hugely popular book series by Stephanie Meyer, Twilight is part of the resurgence of a major vampire craze in the pop universe, including True Blood on HBO, also based on a series of books.Wouldn't now be the perfect time for Buffy The Vampire Slayer to make her return to the big screen? Only this time with TV Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, in the lead, as opposed to that one girl from the 90's no one remembers.

Love it or Hate it: Sarah Michelle Gellar in Fur

Check out Sarah Michelle Gellar on the red carpet sporting a fur coat.

Love it or Hate it?

Sarah Michelle Gellar Lands HBO Show

You just knew it was only a matter of time. Sarah Michelle Gellar, who can pretty much write her own ticket in primetime and movies, is returning to the small screen in the new HBO series The Wonderful Maladys.

According to E! Online The Wonderful Maladys is a story "about three dysfunctional (are there any other kind in TV Land?) adult siblings living in New York and struggling to deal with the loss of their parents years ago."

Welcome back Gellar, TV hasn't been the same without you.

AMC: Losing Minshew?

Is All My Children in danger of losing one of its brightest stars?  Online RUMORS are suggesting that All My Children star, Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart) is leaving Pine Valley.  The actress has spoken out about her contract talks, saying that they are "trying to work something out." The latest RUMBLINGS?  Talks are not going well. 

If Alicia takes the first train out of Pine Valley I'll....

Sarah Michelle Gellar on the Set of “Veronika Decides To Die”

Check out this photo from former All My Children star Sarah Michelle Gellar on the set of Veronika Decides To Die.

For those who may not have heard of Gellar's latest movie, according to IMDB "Veronika is a woman who wakes up in a mental institution after a failed suicide attempt. She discovers that she has a weakened heart and only days to live. The film follows her recovery as she finds true love and a new found will to survive."

Veronika Decides To Die is set to premiere in 2009.