Sarah Michelle Gellar

Gellar To Star In Movie Version Of "American McGee's Alice"

All My Children alum Sarah Michelle Gellar is set to play a grown-up version of Alice from the childrens book classic Alice in Wonderland. The movie is based on the popular computer game American McGee's Alice from Electronic Arts Inc. and Sold-Out Software (I'm sure you gamers out there know about this stuff, but it's Greek to me!). According to Internet Movie Database and MTV, in the flick Gellar's Alice returns to Wonderland as a disturbed young woman, following the death of her parents. After slaying vampires and contending with Erica Kane, this video game flick brought to life sounds right up Gellar's alley!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Poses for Gotham Magazine

Sarah Michelle Gellar of All My Children and Buffy fame posed for Gotham Magazine and had plenty to talk about for the article, including whether or not she wants kids: "I can't help it—every day people ask me that question. I sometimes feel like I'm doing something wrong. But when the time is right, we will. I just turned 30. There's traveling I want to do. There's charity work I want to do. I'm learning to believe in myself more, and I'm realizing things that I'm capable of accomplishing. And when we do have children, my husband and I will have such a strong foundation because we've given our relationship time to grow."

Fashion Fight of the Former Soap Stars

Former General Hospital star Tia Carrere at the Grammys and former All My Children star in the "skin Is amazing " Campaign for Vaseline to benefit the The Coalition of Skin Diseases.

Which former soap star do you think looks better?

Sarah Michelle Gellar Takes It All Off

Former All My Children star Sarah Michelle Gellar is taking it all off for the new Vaseline Mystery Celebrity campaign. The site doesn't say specifically that its SMG but it doesn't take a genius to figure out hints like "Starred opposite an Angle", "carries a Grudge" and "has questionable Intentions".


Sarah Michelle Gellar Returning to TV?

Talk about coincidence. Tina, Regan and I were debating whether or not Sarah Michelle Gellar could come back to TV in a non action/horror type role because in many respects, or so my reasoning goes, she's been typecast by Buffy and her recent movies. Well now E Online is reporting that former Sarah Michelle Gellar (f. All My Children) is considering returning to primetime TV in a new role.

If this turns out to be true it will be very interesting what type of role she chooses. Will she choose something light and comedic ala Desperate Housewives, something procedural like CSI, or will she go back to Buffy roots and choose a role that has her kicking ass? Only time will tell.